Unfiltered Episode 491: Rose Namajunas, Giga Chikadze & Austin Ekeler

The new UFC strawweight champion, Rose Namajunas, joins Jim and Matt on today's episode! First, Giga Chikadze joins the show ahead of his co-main event bout against Cub Swanson this Saturday at UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs Prochazka. He discusses how he was able to win four fights in 2020, his father's prediction of Giga one day becoming a champion when he was born, and his upbringing in the country of Georgia.

Then, Rose Namajunas joins the show just days after her stunning first-round knockout of Zhang Weili to once again become the UFC strawweight champion. She shares what she saw when researching Weili that lead to the head kick knockout, how her mentality towards being a champion has changed since the first time she held the belt, and who she sees as top contenders for her first title defense.
Back by popular demand: Jim and Matt make their picks for the main and co-main event of UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs Prochazka.

Star NFL running back for the Los Angeles Chargers Austin Ekeler calls in. He shares what he does when training at the UFC Gym and how he watches UFC pay-per-views, discusses the core tenants of his charity, and takes Jim and Matt through his journey to get drafted in the NFL. Austin and the guys also discuss the mindset of athletes competing in team sports vs individual sports, and Austin’s four tenants of success: mental health, physical health, social life and motivation.
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  1. GorGiuS T

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    Reyes decision?!)))))) Hahahahaa

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    Serra is high 😆

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    Matt Serra is awsome

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    Does anyone else miss Chris the fuckin producer?

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    Why in the hell do we get these boring ass celebrities on the podcast.....

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    Benjamin RichardPrije 13 dana

    These fools don’t know how good Jiri is ;)

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    Thug rose the most beautiful killer Eva!!

  8. vinicius santana junior

    vinicius santana juniorPrije 13 dana

    lol 22:54. matt (and dc) great joker's and storyteller

  9. Permana Hadi Wijaya

    Permana Hadi WijayaPrije 14 dana

    giga chad

  10. Moiz Mehsud

    Moiz MehsudPrije 15 dana

    Im obsessed with Rose. Plz keep us connected with u somehow. Plz start uploading on your youtube channel. Thug diaries were the best

  11. Jonathan Soko

    Jonathan SokoPrije 15 dana

    Rose's Eyebrows are on fleek swag 100%

  12. OHB

    OHBPrije 15 dana

    Not even a minute in and there’s adverts unreal

  13. 7R

    7RPrije 15 dana

    Here for Rose. She's awesome.

  14. Brandon Sanchez

    Brandon SanchezPrije 15 dana

    "Right leg hospital. Left leg cemetery"-🌹

  15. Jim Richard

    Jim RichardPrije 15 dana

    Rose is very graceful in her loses as well with her wins.. And she approaches the journey as a continuous learning experience and personal growth..

  16. Rocco Carlos

    Rocco CarlosPrije 15 dana

    Jav Mar what are you thinking man

  17. nigggala

    nigggalaPrije 15 dana

    Giga, You're a BEAST!

  18. Ian Marr

    Ian MarrPrije 15 dana

    You can always count on Jimmy to ask really great questions. I love Matt and Jimmy's content. Great guests as always. I still think the first Andrade fight was a DQ for Jessica or at least a no contest? Head spikes are illegal in the UFC rules, accident or not, this KO was celebrated by commentary when they should have been critical?

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  23. Take no prisoners

    Take no prisonersPrije 15 dana

    Giga and Merab are gonna bring home a W

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  25. bigboysalmon 55

    bigboysalmon 55Prije 15 dana

    This is a good video but never put unfiltered and UFC in the same sentence lol.

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    Rose KO looked fake guys, sorry to rain on your parade simps baaaha

  31. Games Tech

    Games TechPrije 15 dana

    DIEGO SANCHEZ and JOSHUA FABIA are the greatest, f u uncle fester daner white

  32. Pickle Cage

    Pickle CagePrije 15 dana

    Rose is awesome 💪 and yes this was to much of a decisive win that a rematch straight away isnt the right call, if it was a close match then the rematch would make sense, but Zang (who i really like) should get another win first.

  33. Rusty Spigot

    Rusty SpigotPrije 15 dana

    I would love to see Giga/O'Malley.

  34. Rusty Spigot

    Rusty SpigotPrije 15 dana

    @Dr Bin That's why I'd love to see it.

  35. Dr Bin

    Dr BinPrije 15 dana

    One calf kick by giga and its over

  36. The Isaiahnator

    The IsaiahnatorPrije 15 dana

    19:39 Flawless victory.

  37. Pro Fights Info

    Pro Fights InfoPrije 15 dana

    Giga has consistently been one of my favorite fighters since his debut. This is an exciting fight, I love Cub too. I think this is going to be fight of the night!

  38. Marc Gottlieb

    Marc GottliebPrije 15 dana

    Well boys I have news for you...This is nothing new by a long shot...There are many places we can stop along the way...That said if we don't know the truth about WW2 we will never get it today...I think you know where I'm going...The biggest lie ever invented controls the minds of today...I'm a Yid that tells it like it was...I'm a Yid that tells it like it is !

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    Riffing on how genuine and likable Rose is for 20 minutes is like a Bride's Maid washing down a lb of wedding cake with a qrt of Dom Perignon and puking on the bride.

  41. Mitch Mac

    Mitch MacPrije 15 dana

    Funny how Rose never mentions she's been with Pat Barry since 14-15 ys old anymore...lol

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  49. Devin Stambolziovski

    Devin StambolziovskiPrije 15 dana

    I love that Serra pointed out that Rose keeps it classy and doesn’t use her body to sell fights or for sponsorships. There are far too many women who feel like that’s all they can do. But like Rose, I don’t judge people personally because we all need money.

  50. Vi Trinh

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    Chez GonzalesPrije 15 dana

    Anybody else thought Rose looked like Colby In The Thumbnail?

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