UFC Year of the Fighter: Max Holloway | UFC FIGHT PASS Original Series Preview

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Former UFC Featherweight Champion, Max Holloway takes us through the most momentous year of his career, winning his first three title fights at just 25 years old and landing a movie role, while keeping grateful and grounded along the way.
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  1. Drew4078

    Drew4078Prije 2 dana

    Max Holloway is an awesome individual! Been a fan of him since he started his career, truly he is blessed but he absolutely earned everything he has!

  2. LR266

    LR266Prije 3 dana

    Love these. It's great seeing the fighters watch back over these moments in their careers.

  3. sofia parkes

    sofia parkesPrije 4 dana

    It must break volkanovski knowing everyone considers max the greatest

  4. Crunk T.V.

    Crunk T.V.Prije 5 dana

    Brazil fans make it satisfying when their guy loses saying shit like that

  5. Roderick Garcia

    Roderick GarciaPrije 6 dana

    surprise, surprise, surprise...

  6. From Maui

    From MauiPrije 7 dana

    In Hawaii, we are just built different.

  7. john bully jr

    john bully jrPrije 7 dana

    You go MAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Flying Viking

    Flying VikingPrije 7 dana

    Devastating indeed, such a boss thing to say :D Blessed v Volk 3 - make it happen, Dana!

  9. DreAmDocTa

    DreAmDocTaPrije 7 dana

    “That uppercut I did not see coming” haha Holloway is a beast


    AFROSRBPrije 7 dana

    7:49 If someone slaps me, I slap him back, simple as that! 😂

  11. Karabo Molele

    Karabo MolelePrije 7 dana

    Holloway! Holloway! Holloway! Holloway!

  12. Square-Zero

    Square-ZeroPrije 7 dana

    Be, was and always be the champ. Blessed champ!

  13. Rahul Wangsu

    Rahul WangsuPrije 7 dana

    Is it only me that feels Max look like chester Bennington.

  14. ForestRossi

    ForestRossiPrije 7 dana

    Maholo, True Legend Man!! Aloha 🤙

  15. Peter Fabian

    Peter FabianPrije 7 dana

    Aldo has one of the weakest chins in the ufc

  16. Alex Contreras

    Alex ContrerasPrije 8 dana

    Stockton slap💀

  17. Trevor PB

    Trevor PBPrije 8 dana

    The most overrated fighter in MMA history. People love him because he's Hawaiian and plays video games, that's about it.

  18. parlayin

    parlayinPrije 8 dana


  19. That T-shirt Guy

    That T-shirt GuyPrije 8 dana

    Still my featherweight champion

  20. Seeking Forgotten knowledge

    Seeking Forgotten knowledgePrije 8 dana

    Max is the boss.

  21. Sawson21

    Sawson21Prije 8 dana

    How do you say fuck Alexander Volkanovski without saying fuck Alexander Volkanovski

  22. libbad

    libbadPrije 8 dana

    Max is a hell of a fighter. Natural talent.

  23. sinnceer era

    sinnceer eraPrije 8 dana


  24. Jesse Bostic

    Jesse BosticPrije 8 dana

    Max Holloway is just too different

  25. Mc Nazry

    Mc NazryPrije 8 dana

    I love this guy

  26. Victor Davies

    Victor DaviesPrije 8 dana


  27. Beard Discussion

    Beard DiscussionPrije 8 dana

    Blessed is the perfect name for this guy!

  28. RC ROB Turbo

    RC ROB TurboPrije 8 dana

    my favorite fighter

  29. MANNY

    MANNYPrije 8 dana

    Ohh shit it’s the dude that plays warzone

  30. Mr Willis

    Mr WillisPrije 8 dana

    Holloway one of the greatest featherweights of all time! He is my favorite fighter and I proud to be from Hawaii !!

  31. Max2200

    Max2200Prije 8 dana

    1:38, Dustin?

  32. Harrison Wells

    Harrison WellsPrije 8 dana

    what a nice guy

  33. George Deacon

    George DeaconPrije 8 dana

    Max ain’t just a legend in the octagon he’s just a legend in life 👌

  34. Harsh Vardhan

    Harsh VardhanPrije 8 dana

    I don't know but it seems like Aldo just was never the same warrior after that Conor fight. Seeing a legend like him lose hurts but seeing a man like Holloway win makes me happy.

  35. Karim

    KarimPrije 8 dana

    Respects Max H

  36. Oreo-San

    Oreo-SanPrije 8 dana

    going to brazil and slaying jose waldo for the title was epic

  37. tlrflava

    tlrflavaPrije 8 dana

    One my fav fighter

  38. Joel Francis

    Joel FrancisPrije 8 dana

    Pure hearted savage.

  39. Sage Of Rage

    Sage Of RagePrije 8 dana

    Music when Max won?

  40. TheCombatWorld

    TheCombatWorldPrije 8 dana

    Max gonna be a champ again!

  41. Garrett Morgan

    Garrett MorganPrije 8 dana

    Is max from England? 🇬🇧? But u claim Hawaii all the time? Tf?

  42. Kaiulani Aguirre

    Kaiulani AguirrePrije 8 dana

    He was on a KILL STREAK WOW!!

  43. CDH2020 1

    CDH2020 1Prije 8 dana

    Come on John he’s just covering up John: yeah but we in Brazil

  44. From Maui

    From MauiPrije 7 dana

    fr if john cuts it early the crowd might tie him up

  45. Anthony Davis

    Anthony DavisPrije 9 dana

    This max guy seems like a future champion

  46. CDH2020 1

    CDH2020 1Prije 9 dana

    Max goat

  47. Nas Kharie

    Nas KhariePrije 9 dana

    My fans

  48. Gautham Sajith

    Gautham SajithPrije 9 dana

    That intro gave me goosebumps

  49. Adam Shipley

    Adam ShipleyPrije 9 dana

    Love Holloway 🤙

  50. Austin Salada

    Austin SaladaPrije 9 dana

    Let's get wonderboy a title shot

  51. Azael Rodriguez

    Azael RodriguezPrije 9 dana

    Max has to be champion again and I know he will!

  52. jay r

    jay rPrije 9 dana

    Max, you're the fucking man homie.

  53. Lokesh

    LokeshPrije 9 dana

    Max loves jose.

  54. MMA Talk

    MMA TalkPrije 9 dana

    Max " kings take another kings land " Halloway

  55. Serge T

    Serge TPrije 9 dana

    Max is a record breaking beast Brian Stan i salute you Sir & thank you Amazing commentator and a great husband father and a total beast when it was time to fight Silva vs Stan a must watch IMO one of the ones people ferget what a fight it was

  56. Jso Pesos

    Jso PesosPrije 9 dana


  57. Buddha Lova

    Buddha LovaPrije 9 dana

    Great video

  58. JoelAmbrose

    JoelAmbrosePrije 9 dana

    Max is the fuckin man. One of my fav fighters forsure

  59. Acey

    AceyPrije 9 dana

    Holloway is a living legend

  60. E P

    E PPrije 9 dana

    The tame cook echographically encourage because coffee additionaly fetch as a pathetic lute. roasted, abject oboe

  61. Rick A.

    Rick A.Prije 9 dana

    It is what it is 🤷‍♂️

  62. Johnnybuckbrush

    JohnnybuckbrushPrije 9 dana

    2 of my favorite fighters

  63. Johnny Harper Scouts Table

    Johnny Harper Scouts TablePrije 9 dana

    Awesome 😃🍺🤙🔥

  64. Locker-Room Dwarf

    Locker-Room DwarfPrije 9 dana


  65. Clint Eastwood

    Clint EastwoodPrije 9 dana

    😂 he aint lying bout the smacks seen that one before

  66. Zachary Dixon

    Zachary DixonPrije 9 dana

    He’s still the champ in my eyes! Him and Alexander are 1-1.

  67. Shipping Department

    Shipping DepartmentPrije 9 dana

    All of us fans should be pushing for open scoring! How could it not help and lead to more exciting finishes late!

  68. John Martin

    John MartinPrije 9 dana

    To me Max is the most natural fighter in the UFC

  69. Kota Lz

    Kota LzPrije 9 dana

    8:10 them 2 slaps tho 😂

  70. David Sanderson

    David SandersonPrije 9 dana

    Great fighter

  71. TheAntManChannel

    TheAntManChannelPrije 9 dana

    McGregor smokes Max still.

  72. Aaron W.

    Aaron W.Prije 9 dana

    "i never got an 'and new' bruce. its okay im about to get one, in a little bit" you heard it here first folks.

  73. Riv & Reb

    Riv & RebPrije 9 dana

    There's not a more likeable guy in sports

  74. The Man Delorean

    The Man DeloreanPrije 9 dana

    Need more of this but with humble type fighters all me… at least just Grounded people with common sense self realization

  75. kifesh100

    kifesh100Prije 9 dana

    Future hall of famer

  76. Elai River

    Elai RiverPrije 9 dana

    One of the most lovable dudes in the ufc

  77. Nandan Nadkarni

    Nandan NadkarniPrije 9 dana

    jose wasn't the same after Conor loss, so actually Max should thank Conor for that win

  78. Manuele Ioane

    Manuele IoanePrije 9 dana

    "Always smile, always smile I know I get to punch someone in the face for 25 minutes and not feel bad about it" - Max Blessed Holloway 2021

  79. Chekki Brekki

    Chekki BrekkiPrije 9 dana

    Nice I love you 💗💗💗warzone best, best boxer best fighter

  80. Boxroom Boy

    Boxroom BoyPrije 9 dana

    These are a great idea and a great fighter/storyline to start off with..and y'no the UFC's production is always great!🔥 (I'm not Dana I swear..y'all better stop illegally streaming tho..or else!👊🤣)

  81. Hugh Gooden

    Hugh GoodenPrije 9 dana

    Max you are the best

  82. Maj0ra

    Maj0raPrije 9 dana

    At 9:35 Max gives Aldo this disgusting ass head kiss and covers him in drool.

  83. Izzy Bizzy

    Izzy BizzyPrije 9 dana

    that was like a movie. so good!!!!

  84. MMA Funny moments

    MMA Funny momentsPrije 9 dana

    You know what’s the real fight money to make Max vs DC

  85. E P

    E PPrije 9 dana

    The drunk resolution phylogenitically reduce because walrus phylogentically label anenst a labored revolver. bustling, resolute wax

  86. Zain Trook

    Zain TrookPrije 9 dana

    Win or lose. Warrior 101

  87. Zain Trook

    Zain TrookPrije 9 dana

    Warrior 101

  88. Dannooch

    DannoochPrije 9 dana

    Why is this covering the aldo fights that was forever ago- shouldve got him speaking on his last W! That was masterful! 👊🏼 💯 BLESS!

  89. David Urbánek

    David UrbánekPrije 9 dana

    Real Champ inside and outside cage! Goat

  90. Food for Thought

    Food for ThoughtPrije 9 dana

    Much love for Max he got mugged off by volkanovski but max will get his gold back!

  91. Ryan Fox

    Ryan FoxPrije 9 dana

    Absolutely love max! Doesn't feel right him not being champ. Sure he will be again soon though.

  92. Philippe Drolet

    Philippe DroletPrije 9 dana


  93. Elias S

    Elias SPrije 9 dana

    My favourite person in Sports all together. So pure, so honest, the perfect dude. I really hope you get that belt back boy!

  94. Eugen Butacu

    Eugen ButacuPrije 9 dana

    Max bless holloway

  95. SuperVaio123

    SuperVaio123Prije 9 dana

    Conor took Jose's soul

  96. rbx kid

    rbx kidPrije 9 dana


  97. Cory

    CoryPrije 9 dana

    That “and NEWWWWWWW” is gonna be so epic!

  98. David Casal Moldes

    David Casal MoldesPrije 9 dana

    right now hes the peoples champ

  99. Ruben Vaquera

    Ruben VaqueraPrije 9 dana

    "It is what it is"

  100. kinve lee

    kinve leePrije 9 dana

    The future Hall of fame let's go Max !!!!

  101. Jesse Mendizabal

    Jesse MendizabalPrije 9 dana

    the real featherweight champ

  102. lilchico

    lilchicoPrije 9 dana

    might as well buy fight pass just for this