UFC 262: Post-fight Press Conference

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  1. David Molloy

    David MolloyPrije 7 dana

    Records year on year and all fighters feel they are barely getting paid. Unless you're a world champ.

  2. huey ho

    huey hoPrije 10 dana

    The true riddle expectably tour because bamboo roughly park an a neighborly border. judicious, bewildered mustard

  3. Global Heat

    Global HeatPrije 10 dana

    The verdant olive concomitantly flower because income morally kneel for a red boot. rhetorical, military comma

  4. AintWorried BoutNothing

    AintWorried BoutNothingPrije 12 dana

    Dana: we take our fights all over the world, like Oklahoma. 🤣🤣🤣 don’t worry we get what you mean Dana

  5. pavel milenov

    pavel milenovPrije 13 dana

    Michael Chandler is a classy person. You just can't hate the man, he is as real as it gets.

  6. Mike

    MikePrije 13 dana

    Dariush total won me over and proved that he is a top 5 fighter and future champ for sure and seems to be a very nice and humble person. I total feel for Tony the guy is still one of the best and he got total screwed on his shot at the title belt but l wouldn't count him out 3 losses when your as skilled as him it wouldn't take much for him to regroup.

  7. Ker Loz

    Ker LozPrije 19 dana

    The grotesque albatross ultimately grip because aunt coherently watch excluding a unkempt kitty. spicy, abaft jellyfish

  8. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiPrije 20 dana

    The feeling of losing when you almost had it must hurt

  9. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiPrije 21 dan

    Dariush is a class act, happy for him.

  10. Farque Mathews

    Farque MathewsPrije 21 dan

    He suck

  11. soiung toiue

    soiung toiuePrije 22 dana

    become such a popular sport and Dana never giving up building the best promotion in the world.

  12. Justin Remkus jr

    Justin Remkus jrPrije 23 dana

    It will be an absolute tragedy when Dana's White no longer runs the UFC. This man has the biggest balls in America. National tresure. He is one of the most influential men in America by accident. This is the man who brought sports back to the WORLD. God Bless Dana!!!

  13. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiPrije 21 dan

    Dana must be pissed that he does not know English an unmarketable champion

  14. Enigmatic

    EnigmaticPrije 24 dana

    Damn, Dariush just earned himself a fan. That's a real man right there.

  15. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiPrije 20 dana

    You’re commentary si honest and it’s amazing. Way to be real. You lost on the feet not on the ground.

  16. Bob Mateljan

    Bob MateljanPrije 25 dana

    Trump is a TRAITOR. Trumpism is Treason.

  17. soiung toiue

    soiung toiuePrije 22 dana

    57:33 top 10 rappers eminem was afraid to diss

  18. Anders Bergfalk

    Anders BergfalkPrije 27 dana

    He has no fucking clue what you’re talking about

  19. Jay B

    Jay BPrije 28 dana

    Ferguson vs chandler has to be the fight to make for both of them

  20. MMA sheep

    MMA sheepPrije 28 dana

    Tony beat all these good fighters Donald Cerrone Anthony Pettis Kevin Lee Raphael dos Anjos Edson Barboza Josh Thompson Joe Schilling Yves Edwards Abel Trujillo Gelison Tibau Lando Vannata An out of 31 fights only Justin Gaethje has tko'd him he deserves alot more respect

  21. ED 209

    ED 209Prije 28 dana

    Wtf is Beneil talking about. After hearing him spout nonsense I now wish he woulda lost.

  22. Questionable Context

    Questionable ContextPrije 28 dana

    I thought Charles would've had the belt by five years ago when he first started. Better late than never for one of the consistently exciting fighters in the ufc.

  23. David Wheeler

    David WheelerPrije 28 dana

    This interview made me a big fan of Beniel sounds like a great guy

  24. Edward Ardon

    Edward ArdonPrije mjesec

    The grumpy cormorant provisionally warn because cod positionally snore anenst a tidy cherry. angry, needless idea

  25. SP20

    SP20Prije mjesec

    Michael "shorter, stronger,compact" Chandler. Make weight, lose the match and go home. Thank you Michael Chandler. 😂

  26. Matheus Silva

    Matheus SilvaPrije mjesec

    dude , the translator cut half of his phrases hahah.

  27. Flawn Scorpion

    Flawn ScorpionPrije mjesec

    Holy shiet Stutter much Dana?

  28. Eric Martinez

    Eric MartinezPrije mjesec

    You’re commentary si honest and it’s amazing. Way to be real. You lost on the feet not on the ground.

  29. Eric Martinez

    Eric MartinezPrije mjesec


  30. Rachid Khamlichi

    Rachid KhamlichiPrije mjesec

    Dana must be pissed that he does not know English an unmarketable champion

  31. John Carlson

    John CarlsonPrije mjesec

    I like Chandler’s soup but wait for a few more losses and all the lovely talks and powerful message will all be but forgotten 😂 I wish him the best though

  32. 김민재

    김민재Prije mjesec

    57:33 top 10 rappers eminem was afraid to diss

  33. Manish kumar jha

    Manish kumar jhaPrije mjesec

    love chandler

  34. T3rng4r

    T3rng4rPrije mjesec

    Tony landed about 40 strikes in 30 mins in the ring...what a shitshock while he was most of a time on the ground🤦

  35. Tony B

    Tony BPrije mjesec

    Conor beats Dustin, Justin fights Beneil, whoops his ass. Conor beats Olives to become the proper 12th lightweight champion to then be leg kicked to death by Justin, tko round 3 😂💀

  36. Gaz Ring gbgjg ggG

    Gaz Ring gbgjg ggGPrije mjesec

    Awesum card of fights from start to finish. But chandler such a humble guy, he will get that gold one day.

  37. vince limonez

    vince limonezPrije mjesec

    To the ufc you don't care about the people you care about the money. Let's see where covid is in the fall. You are helping it to spread please be safe everyone 🙏




  39. Juan Pablo Ortega

    Juan Pablo OrtegaPrije mjesec

    Charles looks amazing with that belt and those white teeth

  40. maddame...

    maddame...Prije mjesec

    Zigged Zagged Micheal Chandler

  41. CarnageDestructo

    CarnageDestructoPrije mjesec

    Why do people keep saying tony lost the co main and won the main at the same time

  42. Robert C. Christian

    Robert C. ChristianPrije mjesec

    God loves it when I smesh you brotha - Khamzat Chimaev

  43. Chris says Hello.

    Chris says Hello.Prije mjesec

    King of the hype up

  44. Good Solonius

    Good SoloniusPrije mjesec

    Dana: Jon Jones is the goat Khabib fanboy casuals: start crying hysterically

  45. James Cooper

    James CooperPrije mjesec

    mate why not come to scotland agen we like u

  46. James Cooper

    James CooperPrije mjesec

    yass chick ladel is a waster omg

  47. James Cooper

    James CooperPrije mjesec

    dana wight is the man

  48. Agallah don bishop

    Agallah don bishopPrije mjesec


  49. Jayy Bone

    Jayy BonePrije mjesec

    Good work Oliveira ! You earned it the right way.

  50. Taken Serious

    Taken SeriousPrije mjesec

    lol @ Dana "It's good to be" White

  51. TheRINE1337

    TheRINE1337Prije mjesec

    Dana its good to be white aAAHAHAAA :DDDD

  52. Kayla Kutts

    Kayla KuttsPrije mjesec

    Dana can play king pin in the next dare devil film

  53. p3kab00icu

    p3kab00icuPrije mjesec

    TF is the type of guy to build his pain endurance and understanding, through 'method'.

  54. Pishon Gihon

    Pishon GihonPrije mjesec

    75k??? They all need to go to Boxing they are already world famous so they would be mega millionaires in a year.

  55. Matt Lewis

    Matt LewisPrije mjesec

    Lol "lando vando" where do they find these guys

  56. Kenopsia

    KenopsiaPrije mjesec

    Why does that fat guy get to always ask the first question?

  57. Entourage9mofo

    Entourage9mofoPrije mjesec

    We all Zig when we should've zagged at some stage in our lives

  58. skiesss

    skiesssPrije mjesec

    I wanna be a fan of oliveira but it’s hard with not understanding his language. The translation isn’t helping it.. that’s why fighters like yoel, joanna etc, put learning English as one of their priority. Speaking English can change the whole vibe and can connect and make new fans on whole another level.

  59. Avocado

    AvocadoPrije mjesec

    Ferguson is fool

  60. Michael Schofield

    Michael SchofieldPrije mjesec

    Illogical to demand immense support for someone now losing easily. Too many people expect unmeritocratic unconditional support. Silly.

  61. Hulk Amania

    Hulk AmaniaPrije mjesec

    why does Dana come on first and not last?

  62. Veal TheGrass Bison

    Veal TheGrass BisonPrije mjesec

    Anyone else think chandler zigged when he should have zagged? 😂

  63. Big Bear Weather and More

    Big Bear Weather and MorePrije mjesec

    Chewbacca. Please bro. Quit holding the post fights hostage with your annoying and selfish questions. Your not entitled or in anyway better than anyone else there. Bro just please please give someone else a chance and go take a jog or something. You couldn’t be any more annoying

  64. MarkAurel

    MarkAurelPrije mjesec

    Chandler sounds so much like Dustin.

  65. jason anglin

    jason anglinPrije mjesec

    Oly is a come and go....

  66. Karson Cohen

    Karson CohenPrije mjesec

    Sheesh champ champ charles??

  67. Ben Drankin

    Ben DrankinPrije mjesec

    Nobody was expecting a ko

  68. Mike Blaisdell

    Mike BlaisdellPrije mjesec

    Wow...Chandler's left ear is toast

  69. Joe Benson

    Joe BensonPrije mjesec

    Chandler dominated the ground against the "better grappler" and Oliveira (albeit lost on the feet overall) got a KO victory over the "better striker". That's MMA in a nutshell. These are the fights that are hard to bet on.

  70. Lee Javier

    Lee JavierPrije mjesec

    Dana should ask them to enter the octagon with CM Punk.

  71. Ur Dad

    Ur DadPrije mjesec

    Appearently USADA ain't testing Dana for steroids.....you can see those gun through the suit.....

  72. i am Yawg Loj

    i am Yawg LojPrije mjesec

    Dude at 21:00 , I thought it was Dustin haha

  73. Miguel

    MiguelPrije mjesec

    anyone know what shades oliveira has on?

  74. Naturalkid

    NaturalkidPrije mjesec

    Traslate to SPANISH please

  75. T L

    T LPrije mjesec

    The Gate 4.11 Million So Who need conor

  76. Hussain Bros

    Hussain BrosPrije mjesec


  77. Dark Star King

    Dark Star KingPrije mjesec

    Chandler vs Oliveira was a damn evenly matched fight. They both had the striking to KO eachother. Chandler had the better wrestling but Oliveira has the better BJJ. Oliveira was able to weather the ground n pound from Chandler, and Chandler had Oliveira with his hooks in on his back and was able to get out. Having Oliveira on your back like that is literally the most dangerous position and person to have you in that position in the entire UFC.

  78. A 911 GT3RS

    A 911 GT3RSPrije mjesec

    justin gaethje vs michael chandler

  79. Love You 2

    Love You 2Prije mjesec

    He's crying inside 😢 He's lying... living the nightmare is more like it. Back to bellator baby

  80. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Where was Tony?! 😡

  81. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    I went from " Nooo, who is this old man walking into the octagon" to "Beneil is one of my favourite people in the UFC"

  82. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec


  83. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Mike " zigged when I should've zagged" Chandler

  84. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Mike "Zigged when I should've Zagged" Chandler.

  85. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    I really wanted Chandler to win

  86. TheDomLouis

    TheDomLouisPrije mjesec

    Does anyone who watched the fight feel that either Oliveira or Chandler could have beaten Khabib 6-12 months ago?!?!

  87. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Good chance Chandler could've got it done

  88. Erik Monroy

    Erik MonroyPrije mjesec

    Dariush looks like the default player design on a video game...

  89. ben anderson

    ben andersonPrije mjesec

    11:55: What a joke of a "reporter." Asks a questions about Lando Vannata and can't even pronounce his last name. Embarrassing. MMA media in a nutshell. Edit: He also mispronounced Katlyn Chookagian's last name. Look, I get that it can be difficult to pronounce names in a global sport, but it's his job to get this shit right.

  90. Enkidu Barkarmo

    Enkidu BarkarmoPrije mjesec

    Danas bullshit opinion on Dariush performance shows exactly why he is underrated. That was some high level BJJ and wrestling and Dana couldn't even give him that.

  91. zedooncadhz

    zedooncadhzPrije mjesec

    Dana showing his ignorance about medical issues by saying people shouldn't have to wear a mask. It's not about the social issue of being told what to do and America being about freedom, I get that but this is about not quite knowing what's going on and going off best information. The science says masks help reduce the spread rates of the virus for people who might not even realise they have it. So surely the logical conclusion is you just do it

  92. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Yessss!!! I thought I was only thinking this. Thank you

  93. MrsB8T

    MrsB8TPrije mjesec

    Oliveira has gotta have the whitest teeth in the ufc

  94. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Lmao, I was noticing this too

  95. MrsB8T

    MrsB8TPrije mjesec

    Shout out to one of the best translators

  96. Rudy Requeno

    Rudy RequenoPrije mjesec

    Dana White DGAF

  97. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Dana "I DGAF" White

  98. Weston Lanners Sr.

    Weston Lanners Sr.Prije mjesec

    Thats not the way it shoud be. There SHOULD BE NO SATANIC MASKS. normal is living in Gods image and not listening to satanic rituals. The masks were never needed but the world and masses are easily deceived .

  99. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Okay, okay 🤔 ... Please explain why they are satanic?

  100. The Outsider

    The OutsiderPrije mjesec

    Charles “Mat Sentol” Oliveira thinks he’s so cool wearing shades😎, he’s not obviously….go learn speak english

  101. Seth Pike

    Seth PikePrije mjesec

    What an absolute class act Michael Chandler is

  102. Ross Williams

    Ross WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Yesss!! I agree. Inside and outside the octagon.

  103. The Outsider

    The OutsiderPrije mjesec

    He’s the champion now because Khabib retired…no one in Lightweight division can touch that

  104. The Outsider

    The OutsiderPrije mjesec

    Charles “Mat Sentol” Oliveira

  105. Christian David

    Christian DavidPrije mjesec

    Dana white. Not a fan of triller or Oscar. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Love his reactions

  106. Jonathan Bleksley

    Jonathan BleksleyPrije mjesec

    Michael “zigged when I shoulda zagged” chandler

  107. Saiyan Sakura

    Saiyan SakuraPrije mjesec

    Nashville is wide open, Dana. Bring on your pay-per view🤗

  108. campaigner

    campaignerPrije mjesec

    Michael "Zig when I should have Zagged" Chandler

  109. Charlie Mai

    Charlie MaiPrije mjesec

    Dana: .... Dariel Beniush.....

  110. TheFGCscrub

    TheFGCscrubPrije mjesec

    Dana's Kingpin cosplay was on point tho