UFC 262: Michael Chandler Post-fight Press Conference

UFC lightweight Michael Chandler takes questions from the media after his loss to Charles Oliveira in the UFC 262 main event.

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  1. Kory Stickler

    Kory SticklerPrije 5 dana

    Almost seems like he zigged when he shoulda zagged

  2. scottbelen

    scottbelenPrije 6 dana

    When he says he likes when guys take his back, yikes I dont care how bad you are not something I would say,lol

  3. FT Driver

    FT DriverPrije 9 dana

    I am a huge fan of Michael Chandler.

  4. John Sanuth

    John SanuthPrije 20 dana

    Like this Dude even more now Humble WORLD CLASS

  5. Lebron Gaay

    Lebron GaayPrije 20 dana


  6. Josh Golden

    Josh GoldenPrije 21 dan

    Another example of Bellators best fighters being maybe ranked 4th or 5th (usually not even top 10) compared to UFC guys.

  7. Ty McNish

    Ty McNishPrije 23 dana

    Class act. Run it back!

  8. Shroom Grizzley

    Shroom GrizzleyPrije 23 dana


  9. Palestinian Win

    Palestinian WinPrije 25 dana

    "beat me..if u can" -Chicken Chandler Class 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Alex Palapa

    Alex PalapaPrije 28 dana

    Dude! I swear he has the exact same mannerisms and facial expressions that Porier has, but just a different face. This reminds me so much of Poriers press conference after losing to Khabib and it's basically the same guy in both videos. The UFC needs to check fighters for Mission Impossible type of face masks because I'm beginning to believe this is Dustin Poirier lol....Wait, nah scratch all that. Chandler is much shorter.

  11. Rdawg

    RdawgPrije 28 dana


  12. Alawi27Shak

    Alawi27ShakPrije 29 dana

    He should have zigged but he zagged wtf does that mean!

  13. White boy Can’t get right

    White boy Can’t get rightPrije 29 dana

    And you have the nerve to call out some of the greats. 😂😂😂

  14. Antoinette S

    Antoinette SPrije mjesec

    I'm a fan bro win or lose

  15. Pedro Scocuglia

    Pedro ScocugliaPrije mjesec

    Great fight, great interview ! All class

  16. Fayk Lub

    Fayk LubPrije mjesec

    This is the most humble I've ever seen him.

  17. Superb

    SuperbPrije mjesec

    Justin would wreck this guy if goes past the first round

  18. gibran siregar

    gibran siregarPrije mjesec

    Surprise surprise 😂

  19. Genesis carpio

    Genesis carpioPrije mjesec

    There's a new king in the lightweight division-chandler 🤣🤡 so beat me if you can 😂🤡

  20. Annndreww C

    Annndreww CPrije mjesec

    dude beat dan hooker talked a bunch of cringe type shit and got a title shot and lost.. he shouldnt of had the title shot, shouldnt even be ranked what he is.. he aint getting the strap within a year lets be honest.. he needs to beat a couple ppl in the top 15.. btw he aint beating charles, gaethje, conor, dustin.. ppl already thought he was undeserving, he was given a shot he shouldnt have got and failed

  21. Giancanna

    GiancannaPrije mjesec

    This was ON 4 real chandler came strong I though Oliveira was gonna get KO´d the F out but 2nd round came thru 4 him chandler gotta learn form his mistakes next time I do see him as a future CHAMPION in the UFC respect this warrior.

  22. Juan N

    Juan NPrije mjesec

    Did I say I was going to win the belt tonight....I meant in a year.

  23. Strife72

    Strife72Prije mjesec

    Hard not to like this dude. Speaks openly and is not overly egotistical. I could see him as Champion in the future based on his attitude and outlook on life.

  24. Luigi Rnotyourbusiness

    Luigi RnotyourbusinessPrije mjesec

    My nikka

  25. That 1 Guy

    That 1 GuyPrije mjesec

    GOT YOUR ASS KICKED. Talked all that shit - no belt, but your ear is as big as Saturn. HUMBLE yourself, tough guy. You will get there, just don't come out trying to be the biggest thing in the game, you're new here. You have to follow before you can lead, young man.

  26. Licht AmSchluusseln

    Licht AmSchluusselnPrije mjesec

    Chandler vs Gaethje Oliveira vs Khabib. 😁😁😁

  27. Graeme Beer

    Graeme BeerPrije mjesec

    That is some 👂!

  28. Brandon Conley

    Brandon ConleyPrije mjesec

    These are two of the most classiest competitors in sports ESPECIALLY in the UFC.

  29. Petter Formo

    Petter FormoPrije mjesec

    Never had anything against this man. He have already shown us that he is a great fighter. My issue is him getting this chance after one fight in the UFC. Just jumping over everyone waiting in line to fight for that belt.

  30. Abdou Wahab

    Abdou WahabPrije mjesec

    ترجع انتا تاع 3جولات برك مازيدش تكلاشي حبيب

  31. Do M

    Do MPrije mjesec

    Him vs Conor would be amazing

  32. Gaz B

    Gaz BPrije mjesec

    He shouldn't have got a title shot after coming straight from bellator. In my opinion it should have been poirier/Oliveira. Charles showed him what time it was, end of!👊

  33. Adam Percival

    Adam PercivalPrije 28 dana

    Poirier wanted/chose the trilogy for the ££, which is understandable. He will fight for the belt after KO’ing Conor again.

  34. TwistedSouL

    TwistedSouLPrije mjesec

    “I like to let guys take my back.” Michael ‘No Homo’ Chandler.

  35. Brandon Halpin

    Brandon HalpinPrije mjesec

    Michael “ I zigged when I should have zagged “ Chandler

  36. Sharmarke Ismail

    Sharmarke IsmailPrije mjesec

    The guy is truly humble ! I am undoubtedly a fan of him now 😊

  37. Mat Huff

    Mat HuffPrije mjesec

    Classy, articulate dude. Would make a good champion/spokesperson for the UFC.

  38. Lexus Salas

    Lexus SalasPrije mjesec

    Chandler you are about to get zigged the rest of your career. You were coddled and handed a title shot. Now you have to earn your place..

  39. James C

    James CPrije mjesec

    Michael Chandler is an absolute fucking BEAST.

  40. Farid Hamid

    Farid HamidPrije mjesec

    Hey Micheal, really sorry for your loss, but I think you needed it, now you're humble, reasonable, kind, cause you know, you don't call Khabib and Dustin when you have only one fight, and that one fight was with a ranked 5th, if you were more humble then, this loss would be less painful, you should have learnt from Conor when he talked too much and he payed very bad for it. You got yourself even, just with the talking though, but even so, the higher you get the harder is the fall, the fall the same way, good luck next time.

  41. Brian Renteria

    Brian RenteriaPrije mjesec

    A lot of respect for both fighters. I became a fan of both after their war.

  42. Ian Shaw

    Ian ShawPrije mjesec

    Please Dana run this fight again or give Chandler another title fight with whoever is champ at the time

  43. Tommy Jameson

    Tommy JamesonPrije mjesec

    Chandler V Justin would be a good matchup tho

  44. fantastic fez

    fantastic fezPrije mjesec

    2:23 wait what?

  45. Shiftylad

    ShiftyladPrije mjesec

    Good luck to him from Ireland 🇮🇪

  46. BAY 8TH

    BAY 8THPrije mjesec

    I gained more respect for Chandler after the loss.

  47. Martin Anthony

    Martin AnthonyPrije mjesec

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  48. Williams Johnson

    Williams JohnsonPrije mjesec

    @maxwell orile Contact him on whatsapp👆 👆

  49. Williams Johnson

    Williams JohnsonPrije mjesec

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  50. maxwell orile

    maxwell orilePrije mjesec

    How do I contact him please, I'm interested

  51. William Paul

    William PaulPrije mjesec

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  52. bella michelle

    bella michellePrije mjesec

    He is obviously the best I have ever traded with, I make profits every week

  53. Luis Fernandez

    Luis FernandezPrije mjesec

    Respect for this guy.

  54. Jerico Mma

    Jerico MmaPrije mjesec

    Great Guy !!!! Humble and classy guy!!

  55. Arnell Carmichael

    Arnell CarmichaelPrije mjesec

    Warrior & Class Act!!

  56. Boccaleirozzz Podcast

    Boccaleirozzz PodcastPrije mjesec

    What a fight. Both men of class. Respect.

  57. DADDY O

    DADDY OPrije mjesec

    Michael "I love fighting with the fans" Chandler

  58. kolton bernhardt

    kolton bernhardtPrije mjesec

    Quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters

  59. Dejeo'n 01

    Dejeo'n 01Prije mjesec

    I think Michael Chandlers mistake was wrongly calculating his first round domination. He dominated the first round to almost finishing the fight. Oliveira fought back and survived that round. Second round Chandler came back with thinking the job is half done what is left is just to add the finishing touch. He did not think the guy will recover in three minutes and was not prepared for that kind of counter attack so soon. And when the barrage of punch thrown at him, retreat and defend was not in his mind. Call it a bad luck for Chandler and good luck for Olivera, he was caught with a good left hoek. It was a good fight but not for Chandler.

  60. Rod On the Road

    Rod On the RoadPrije mjesec

    Admire the guy, not only a great champion, humble enough to admite someone was better ...

  61. Jarette Suikowsky

    Jarette SuikowskyPrije mjesec

    Those fuckin ears!

  62. André Gimenes

    André GimenesPrije mjesec

    martial arts are all about respect! Props to this man

  63. Daily life of adam Schlabach

    Daily life of adam SchlabachPrije mjesec

    Run it back again

  64. d ansa

    d ansaPrije mjesec

    I thought he was a total cock until I saw this - now I feel for him.

  65. Wael Harp

    Wael HarpPrije mjesec

    When he was asked if he got too aggressive Chandler responded saying you can never be too aggressive and thats his style. Every time Chandler has lost or been hurt is because he was being too aggressive. Chandler thinking like an amateur if he thinks he has to always be aggressive. Just not good enough, his chin is suspect and he's not on the same level. He's physically strong and explosive but after the first round against guys like Poirier, Conor, Ferguson, Makachev, Dariush. Those guys all beat him. Chandler is a good guy though lol.

  66. morawA

    morawAPrije mjesec

    He just has a false personality. The fact that people fall for it only shows how naive society is. Fake humble, fake personality. He is just cringe as fck. Nothing personal.

  67. Buddy Fuentes

    Buddy FuentesPrije mjesec

    I'm not a fan of Michael Chandler, but he is a great fighter and a real gentleman. He'll be back to fight again!

  68. zippodk

    zippodkPrije mjesec

    Who is this guy and did he come back from loong vacation?

  69. Edwin Rivera

    Edwin RiveraPrije mjesec

    God bless you brother

  70. Big Kesh

    Big KeshPrije mjesec

    If you hate on him, reevaluate yourself

  71. Mathieu S.Habbott

    Mathieu S.HabbottPrije mjesec


  72. brandon dykes

    brandon dykesPrije mjesec

    I would love to see Chandler versus Gaetche

  73. 1i1bi11

    1i1bi11Prije mjesec

    Where the hell is justin gaethje?

  74. Bogdan

    BogdanPrije mjesec

    Not sure but... I think he ZIGGED when he should've ZAGGED

  75. Gavin Campbell

    Gavin CampbellPrije mjesec

    Chandler will be back. Top fighter even better human

  76. AussieBattler46

    AussieBattler46Prije mjesec

    He had him . Slipped through his fingers . That’s life

  77. allthebars

    allthebarsPrije mjesec

    Hahahahahhahahahahahhahaha, you got knocked the fuck out... surprise supriseee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. allthebars

    allthebarsPrije mjesec

    @Big Kesh the overhyped manchild that is chandler got finished and I'm happy as fuck? And the point of your comment? Oh wait I don't give a fuck kid

  79. Big Kesh

    Big KeshPrije mjesec


  80. AlexAutomatix84

    AlexAutomatix84Prije mjesec

    Solid dude right there ! Chandler will deff be champ in the near future 💪🏻

  81. Minky

    MinkyPrije mjesec

    far out, if you saw those ears out in public you wouldn't mess with him even if you didn't know who he was

  82. Moon Knight

    Moon KnightPrije mjesec


  83. Big Kesh

    Big KeshPrije mjesec

    But he had the first round though, it was just a small mistake that costed him the fight but if he beats Justin then he will be champion, nobody can tell me otherwise

  84. Chris G

    Chris GPrije mjesec

    Love Chandler

  85. chencho mesa

    chencho mesaPrije mjesec

    I doubted him for his age when he signed with the UFC. But man this guy fought like a lion. Won't be surprised if he wins a rematch.

  86. Jay Towne

    Jay TownePrije mjesec

    Michel "I zigged when I should have zagged" Chandler ... still love this guy and think he will be champ

  87. Travis Br

    Travis BrPrije mjesec

    Ahahaaaaaaaa love the fans watching you get knocked tf out.

  88. R Cobley

    R CobleyPrije mjesec

    A real hero in and out of the ring.

  89. damnation

    damnationPrije mjesec

    this guy called out conor mcgregor? asked khabib to beat him? ok

  90. Rubal Bakshi

    Rubal BakshiPrije mjesec

    So humble & Classy. He is a Gentleman. He earned has alot of fans with his humility in this press conference.

  91. Bibhushan Khadka

    Bibhushan KhadkaPrije mjesec

    Took it like a champ

  92. Fuzzy Bear

    Fuzzy BearPrije mjesec

    I'm a fan of Mike Chandler all day

  93. vinko111

    vinko111Prije mjesec

    Respect to this guy

  94. Maksim Nersesyan

    Maksim NersesyanPrije mjesec

    And this guy thought he could take on khabib lmao

  95. Mo Collins

    Mo CollinsPrije mjesec

    they are both great fighters. win or loose they are the ones in the cage. we are the fans all we need to do is support these brave men in the UFC!!! All love here!!!

  96. arj mn esse

    arj mn essePrije mjesec

    pure class champ

  97. trendgil

    trendgilPrije mjesec

    I hate his show off attitude but can't hate him overall.

  98. Shaikh Jasem

    Shaikh JasemPrije mjesec

    It sucks to lose but had chandler won it, ufc wud look weak. I think is loss is a blessing and him working with monsters in lw and then winning ufc will show to the world that ufc is the real shit. This also showed why khabib wasn't interested defending anymore. He predicted Tony was done and chandler wud be done once khabib caught him.

  99. Travie Trav

    Travie TravPrije mjesec

    did he zig when he shoulda zagged?

  100. Troubled

    TroubledPrije mjesec

    The fat faulty cub temporally shrug because thread cytopathologically rescue sans a arrogant diamond. minor, sore chime

  101. Jason Copp

    Jason CoppPrije mjesec

    Best grappler on the planet? Has he heard of khabib? And seriously how does his salary be 20k less after 2 fights in the ufc compared to a decade of Charles and all his top stats?

  102. Sebastian Nai

    Sebastian NaiPrije mjesec

    This is how you handle a loss with honor


    DANA WHITEPrije mjesec

    Yesterday was Khabib era, and now Charles olivEIRA!!

  104. Tzar Leonardi

    Tzar LeonardiPrije mjesec

    Props to Michael "Zig" Chandler, he almost did it!

  105. T Salam

    T SalamPrije mjesec

    so this dude wanted to fight khabib????

  106. Victor Germano

    Victor GermanoPrije mjesec


  107. James Turner II

    James Turner IIPrije mjesec

    Classy dude. Helluva fight

  108. D Real

    D RealPrije mjesec

    Chandler is awesome!

  109. seiji bankhead

    seiji bankheadPrije mjesec

    Arch rivals poker game known as mma! All in to risk you health! Why do you fight! Do you like hurting people,? if not it’s not the right sport for you, cause you will get hurt!