UFC 262 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

Lightweights hit their targets: Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler, plus Beneil Dariush and Tony Ferguson. Chandler gets a boost from his dad; Oliveira from Jacare Souza. Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell visits backstage at the ceremonial weigh-in.

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    BKH NOTHINGPrije 10 dana

    Chandler got his shit rocked

  2. FT Driver

    FT DriverPrije 12 dana

    UFC 262: Oliveira vs Chandler

  3. DNL lingo

    DNL lingoPrije 20 dana

    Conor called Tony Ferguson? El Cockeye😂

  4. Philip Kim

    Philip KimPrije 26 dana

    Charles from Favela Oliveira🙏❤

  5. NikY Tee

    NikY TeePrije mjesec

    I wonder what chandler said to Oliveria?

  6. Arman Khan

    Arman KhanPrije mjesec

    The way Tony puts on his cap and his glasses is just like the coolest thing ever!

  7. james dy

    james dyPrije mjesec

    Oliveira shout like Tony 😂

  8. dockery86

    dockery86Prije mjesec

    Boring ass fight

  9. dockery86

    dockery86Prije mjesec

    @Erick C. I’m watching UFC. I don’t know what you are talking about J Paul your hero for dumbo!!

  10. Erick C.

    Erick C.Prije mjesec

    @dockery86 WTF are you talking about? There was standup. Even if there wasn’t, this is MMA. Go watch boxing tf I feel like all that Jake Paul clownery would suit you well.

  11. dockery86

    dockery86Prije mjesec

    @Erick C. it was boring as hell! The laid on top of each other every round no stand up and fight game. That isn’t what people want to see!

  12. Erick C.

    Erick C.Prije mjesec

    Please STFU 🤡

  13. Erick C.

    Erick C.Prije mjesec

    You’ve been commenting on multiple posts calling the fight boring 🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Laura Cunningham

    Laura CunninghamPrije mjesec

    The fragile number ultrascructurally delight because file gully hate out a bloody broker. unequaled, adamant nic

  15. MandosCulture

    MandosCulturePrije mjesec

    UFC 262 Reaction by me MandosCulture on HRcharts at 3PM: hrcharts.info/white/video/eqSJl4-ptGay1bc

  16. Joey “‫راجہ علی‬‎” Fracasso

    Joey “‫راجہ علی‬‎” FracassoPrije mjesec

    Non of these dudes can beat dustin or justin and somebody spanked both of them the real GOAT 🐐 has retired already these guys are tryna rebuild a demolished division

  17. Erick C.

    Erick C.Prije mjesec

    Charles might sub all of those guys faster than Khabib

  18. Boom Boom

    Boom BoomPrije mjesec

    UFC Champ !!! Not tonight Chandler, To much ego !!! 😂😂😂👊👊

  19. myar kalsaki-kamag

    myar kalsaki-kamagPrije mjesec

    Cant lie.. I need to start placing major bets. Since Izzy got me into "body language" "energy" im 48-5 .. spot on once again on all 3 picks yesterday..

  20. Feoze xxdmsa

    Feoze xxdmsaPrije mjesec

    who's here after the fight

  21. TJ Amos

    TJ AmosPrije mjesec

    Tony doesn't look healthy

  22. mukhlis aiman

    mukhlis aimanPrije mjesec

    Just only 1 fight in ufc then go fight for belt, dana you wrong. I told u already oliveira will win. Chandler dont deserved fight for belt, u must give to justin or dustin this fight. Ufc now is boring because he give the fight for belt to fighter that just have 1 fight in ufc, wrong decision

  23. Numba1 Stunna

    Numba1 StunnaPrije mjesec

    Now I see why Khabib Nurmagomedov retired lol.. Charles Oliveira is good on the ground no wait he's great on the ground and his technique is Flawless in the stand-up game and Michael Chandler his enormous power and you seen when Dustin Poirier hit Khabib he started doing the chicken dance as he retreated until he got his wits back and choked Dustin out but if that shot came from Chandler it would of knocked him out..

  24. Thanuj Ishan

    Thanuj IshanPrije mjesec

    Who in here after Oliveira's win 🔥

  25. GazzaDazzle

    GazzaDazzlePrije mjesec

    Thumbnail: When you have 2 gay guys

  26. D

    DPrije mjesec

    Surprise surprise 😂😂😂the preacher took an L

  27. Lone WulF

    Lone WulFPrije mjesec

    Brett Favre up in this mo’fo(6:38)?

  28. Mat Bai

    Mat BaiPrije mjesec

    Feel for Chandler... Almost got it... But..... Oleveira Is the Man

  29. BW T

    BW TPrije mjesec

    Nice to see a large crowd, been a long ass year and a bit. Respect from lockdown #3 Toronto, Canada.

  30. Chencho 713

    Chencho 713Prije mjesec

    The dizzy boundary markedly shock because comma yearly flood unlike a dead mercury. concerned, boundless library

  31. Prince K

    Prince KPrije mjesec

    Look, Tony and Chandler winning easily. Watch me. I know this game.

  32. Joseph Perkins

    Joseph PerkinsPrije mjesec

    Tony type of guy to submit Darnish Tonight. Watch🤞

  33. Belkis Lopez

    Belkis LopezPrije mjesec

    Whom ever is using this I swear I know and I got all the data thanks

  34. El Super Guapo

    El Super GuapoPrije mjesec

    We like Michael in Mexico. Unfortunately, he will be submitted in the first round. :(

  35. DamagerDave

    DamagerDavePrije mjesec

    Idk what kinda boots chandler has but I've never seen straps on work boots maybe he wears sandals.

  36. Ron C

    Ron CPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to tell Bruce Buffer when it's time.

  37. Ian Ham

    Ian HamPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to help his opponent make weight

  38. ernie pazos

    ernie pazosPrije mjesec

    I like how Rogan got on the Boston Reebok UFC shirt lol

  39. eeiko321

    eeiko321Prije mjesec

    UFC is gay now days…… worse than WWE

  40. Lupe Aracely Castro hidalgo

    Lupe Aracely Castro hidalgoPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who would rob a bank wearing a Tony Ferguson mask

  41. Matt Bushnell

    Matt BushnellPrije mjesec

    5:53 it's you turn bro...no literally it's your turn

  42. Jodi Zemrau

    Jodi ZemrauPrije mjesec

    6:35 the walk off when your life’s goal is achieved

  43. Rohan Gulab

    Rohan GulabPrije mjesec

    Let’s go Charles🏆🇧🇷🔥

  44. camarriba camabajo

    camarriba camabajoPrije mjesec

    Joe Rogan learned to walk on two feet after the Spotify deal

  45. Hue Wong

    Hue WongPrije mjesec

    7:46 I spy a RawDog t-shirt.

  46. Pedro Widmar

    Pedro WidmarPrije mjesec

    1:48 who da took is dat guy?

  47. Young T

    Young TPrije mjesec

    That stare down was intense!

  48. yerelapara

    yerelaparaPrije mjesec

    Oliveira 3rd round submission

  49. je187u

    je187uPrije mjesec

    Oliveira got this

  50. Fudgie 33

    Fudgie 33Prije mjesec

    I hate that clapping in the face shit... Do him Charlie!!

  51. Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    Ramon Crocodilians ProductionsPrije mjesec

    Let's geauxxxxxxxx Tony and Oliveira 🔥🔥🔥👍🏽👏🏾😎 😎

  52. Dan Houtz

    Dan HoutzPrije mjesec

    Chandler is the Boss. Full of piss and vinegar

  53. koji

    kojiPrije mjesec

    Never thought i would hear "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" in 2021 Wow. Good thing this is the fighting game and not chess

  54. KillShot Kev

    KillShot KevPrije mjesec

    Who’s ready for tonight ?

  55. Archangel Michael

    Archangel MichaelPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to read comments even if they have less than 200 likes

  56. Big Daddy

    Big DaddyPrije mjesec

    When Tony moved out his parents house he looked at his dad and said “your the man of house now”

  57. Rafael Naim

    Rafael NaimPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to cancel a doctors appointment because he is sick

  58. gopre518

    gopre518Prije mjesec

    Chandler watching the office?? Lol nice

  59. Kevin Gurriah

    Kevin GurriahPrije mjesec

    O shit olive looks serious. He looks like he proper wants this. I'm still backing chandler though.

  60. Kevin Gurriah

    Kevin GurriahPrije mjesec

    @Yuri tarded easy to say after the fight. But chandler nearly had him twice. Lost a few bets but just under even. Love oli. Can't wait to see how he fares against the others

  61. Yuri tarded

    Yuri tardedPrije mjesec


  62. Lobster Butter

    Lobster ButterPrije mjesec

    Come on Tony We need you to win and break this losing streak and if you don’t win Dana told me personally he’s gonna let you go

  63. IRS Doeji

    IRS DoejiPrije mjesec

    If you don't watch this fight Tony Ferguson will ankle pick you

  64. BigDook81

    BigDook81Prije mjesec

    Tony the type of guy to tell the scale it missed weight

  65. Pablo Escobedo

    Pablo EscobedoPrije mjesec

    My boy Charles didnt get fazed one bit. Glad this fight is in my hometown. Charles going to piece him up then submit him.

  66. Yuri tarded

    Yuri tardedPrije mjesec

    Even better knock him tf out

  67. samuraioodon

    samuraioodonPrije mjesec

    Go Tony the tiger!!! 🐯

  68. Abdi A.

    Abdi A.Prije mjesec

    Come on Charles Oliveira 🇧🇷

  69. Chris House

    Chris HousePrije mjesec

    Dana’s laugh was so fake

  70. Neffew

    NeffewPrije mjesec

    That thumbnail is super SUS

  71. Brian Jensen

    Brian JensenPrije mjesec

    i'm betting my life savings on Chandler. wish me luck

  72. Yuri tarded

    Yuri tardedPrije mjesec

    How's homelessness

  73. Brendan Cronin

    Brendan CroninPrije mjesec

    'Tony is the type of guy that has looked shit in his last few fights " ...but ' I'm the type of guy to wish him all the best "

  74. Klaus Maccus

    Klaus MaccusPrije mjesec

    Chandler beats his ass DEFINITELY.

  75. Klaus Maccus

    Klaus MaccusPrije mjesec

    @Yuri tarded That was a typo I meant Oliveira.

  76. Yuri tarded

    Yuri tardedPrije mjesec


  77. MrTylerDurden1

    MrTylerDurden1Prije mjesec

    Oliveira brings fire to this match!

  78. S.O. Janneh

    S.O. JannehPrije mjesec

    Chandler’s getting submitted.. I said it. 😆

  79. ohtebowah

    ohtebowahPrije mjesec

    3:46 32 year old Dariush looks about 52 here. Weight cutting is shocking

  80. jmiogo

    jmiogoPrije mjesec

    Finally got a proper cover

  81. Liam Sandberg

    Liam SandbergPrije mjesec

    Michael “pulling myself up by my bootstraps” Chandler

  82. El joker

    El jokerPrije mjesec

    Tony the type of guy to stop traffic so the chicken can cross the road wooooo

  83. Topher Wyatt

    Topher WyattPrije mjesec

    I like Mike Chandler his dad cool 😂 that's how Michael will look at 50-60

  84. AuRa Pappy

    AuRa PappyPrije mjesec

    Favorite part of this is Chandler watching the Office in his room 😂😂😂

  85. Aaron Steinhorst

    Aaron SteinhorstPrije mjesec

    Tony is the type of guy to wear socks during his weigh in just to show he has no fear of being over weight

  86. Austin Anthony

    Austin AnthonyPrije mjesec

    Let’s go

  87. Challey

    ChalleyPrije mjesec

    Seeing Michael with his Father just makes me feel good lol I really hope he wins. I’m routing for you Chan Man! Iron Mike! Let’s go!

  88. Tony G

    Tony GPrije mjesec

    If chandler can pull this off, thats a bad man

  89. KayosKee

    KayosKeePrije mjesec

    Oliveira vs Chandler🏆 Ferguson vs Dariush🔥 Who you got??

  90. Zulficar Ali

    Zulficar AliPrije mjesec

    I don’t see chandler defeat Charles oliveira

  91. Sammy Davis

    Sammy DavisPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who tells his fans, "You dorks should stop wasting your time writing silly ass comments on social media that begin with,, Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who..."

  92. Made Man

    Made ManPrije mjesec

    Oliveira will kill chandler first round

  93. Spike Trademark

    Spike TrademarkPrije mjesec

    Tony is the type of guy that enters as el cucuy and ends up seeing only cucos.

  94. Philip Phil

    Philip PhilPrije mjesec

    Chandler is a brawler

  95. VlaDuZa

    VlaDuZaPrije mjesec

    lol is that James Gallagher at 7:44?

  96. Shiggystardust

    ShiggystardustPrije mjesec

    best tony has looked from a cut in a long time

  97. Matty Ryan

    Matty RyanPrije mjesec

    Lets all pray Oliveira sends Chandler Bing back to Bellator

  98. jason osullivan

    jason osullivanPrije mjesec

    Chandler trying to be Connor, bouncing in with flag around him, banging chest and clapping hands. Post interview suprise suprise comment, so sad. Be yourself!!

  99. Deadstraight

    DeadstraightPrije mjesec

    @6:15 Why does Chuck Liddell sound like Dennis Rodman?

  100. Ekarat MMA

    Ekarat MMAPrije mjesec

    Is that James Gallagher at 7:45 mark?

  101. Patrick McW

    Patrick McWPrije mjesec

    It’s nice that Dariush becomes less of a dork when he’s cutting weight 😝

  102. Ivan Carvajal

    Ivan CarvajalPrije mjesec

    Whole embedded was pretty much about Chandler

  103. Nat Mitchell

    Nat MitchellPrije mjesec


  104. Feel My Flu

    Feel My FluPrije mjesec

    I love Chandlers mentality but I am rooting for Charles he’s done way more work in ufc to get here.

  105. Young_ Mar24 (Young_Mar24)

    Young_ Mar24 (Young_Mar24)Prije mjesec


  106. Rick Lewis

    Rick LewisPrije mjesec

    Joey rogan representing boston baby!

  107. Vuribo

    VuriboPrije mjesec

    Chandler Jr. Is exactly the same as his Sr.

  108. Arcturus

    ArcturusPrije mjesec

    Dariush is gonna destroy Ferguson and retire him. You heard it here first

  109. David Dakota Rogers

    David Dakota RogersPrije mjesec

    Charles Oliveira!!! Coming for the UFC GOLD!!!

  110. Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld

    Ⅎaceᖘalm TheᗯoяldPrije mjesec

    "babe" "love" "hun" im neither bitch

  111. gideon

    gideonPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to make the athletic commission make weight

  112. Zoran Z

    Zoran ZPrije mjesec

    thumbs up for chandler