UFC 262: Dana White Post-fight Reaction

UFC President Dana White took questions from the media after UFC 262, where Charles Oliveira claimed the vacant lightweight title with a second-round knockout of Michael Chandler.

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  1. Horse & Oak

    Horse & OakPrije 17 dana

    4:39 Ariel is on Dana's mind

  2. John Etherington

    John EtheringtonPrije 18 dana

    Hey Dana, it’s time to give fighters, what $5,000, $10,000 something to reward class. You can call it the Mark Hunt knock out/ walk off!!!

  3. Pak Agama 22

    Pak Agama 22Prije 20 dana

    Luar bisa saya suka menonton ufc

  4. Alex Fang

    Alex FangPrije 23 dana

    Dana you looked stressed out big time. You probably should take a vacation, get a massage every other day and just take your thoughts off everything. I would also recommend just smoothies and juicing only for 30 days. The reason for just the juicing is because it will reboost your immune system. You will feel more refreshed, rejuvenated, more energized. Your a hard working man. You got to take break as well, Amen.

  5. Sashank Sharma

    Sashank SharmaPrije 27 dana

    It may be a meme Tony Ferguson dana white privilege but because of that comment fighters got 75k bonous

  6. Young Kim

    Young KimPrije 27 dana

    Respect for Dana. Hope he continues to protect the UFC and its fighters credibility. These celebrity fights with real MMA fighters is toxic for real MMA.

  7. David Sak

    David SakPrije 27 dana

    Who the fuck want Jon Jones in ufc so he could cheat lol

  8. Corn Flakes

    Corn FlakesPrije 28 dana

    01:20 my man

  9. mmb flashy - Topic

    mmb flashy - TopicPrije 29 dana

    Check me out rn when you see this 📷✨

  10. Jeremy Graves

    Jeremy GravesPrije mjesec

    Conor is a shining example of Dana White privilege

  11. D

    DPrije mjesec

    Crazy to think Dana white would have been dead if he didn't run from whitey bulger. Lol...you would think a man that manages fighters would know how to protect himself. Unlike don king...dana don't have no gangsta about him...

  12. Fight City

    Fight CityPrije mjesec

    Checkout this sick edit of Israel Adesanya! hrcharts.info/white/video/hsedmaSvo6aOma8




  14. Laurent11

    Laurent11Prije mjesec

    UFC is UFC and Lame Wannabe Celeb Boxing is Lame Wannabe Celeb Boxing! Leave it alone man 🙄🙄🙄

  15. sihTdaeRtnaCuoY

    sihTdaeRtnaCuoYPrije mjesec

    I love Dana White.

  16. Rob Torres

    Rob TorresPrije mjesec

    “Made sure is corner knew to take him straight to the hospital”- if that isn’t the best boss. One of the greatest presidents of all of its history in every sport.


    MOECHAMAD REZAPrije mjesec



    TNWODISCIPLEPrije mjesec

    disney needs to hire dana white to play kingpin in the mcu

  19. Mr. Krabs

    Mr. KrabsPrije mjesec

    his fucking ears are HUGE

  20. Joanie Walen

    Joanie WalenPrije mjesec

    The messy oak untypically wonder because sleep effectively remind along a spotty plow. smiling, overwrought fertilizer

  21. Raphael Paddee

    Raphael PaddeePrije mjesec

    Bruce buffer “neal bullshit guy magnyyy”

  22. Lone Wolf

    Lone WolfPrije mjesec

    Dana "I don't know" White

  23. Chris L

    Chris LPrije mjesec

    Seriously... who is the black guy who called Lando Vanatta “Lando Vanda” (and mispronounces every other fighter name he says)? Is he an actual reporter? He is not very good at his job.


    REAPING WAYSPrije mjesec

    Slowly but surely, over the years Dana transforms into someone that looks like the Daredevil's gonna come after

  25. Florian Riek

    Florian RiekPrije mjesec

    Dana looks very strange, to much kokain?

  26. Fight Sanction

    Fight SanctionPrije mjesec


  27. Bibhushan Khadka

    Bibhushan KhadkaPrije mjesec


  28. Dave B

    Dave BPrije mjesec

    Hopefully the "Dana white privilege" comment doesn't come to haunt,

  29. Jessie Joy

    Jessie JoyPrije mjesec

    It was an ok main event lol. This Ppv was nothing compared to the last one

  30. Beat Bros

    Beat BrosPrije mjesec

    SMH...These media reporters are like annoying crows.

  31. Common Mann

    Common MannPrije mjesec

    I'm with Dana - I don't trade with anyone who makes me mask. I had to forego my favorite haircut gal at sports clips, but I'm done with masking they can all kiss my ass.

  32. vladimir rienas

    vladimir rienasPrije mjesec

    Dana sounded like he’s was ranting about a crazy ex girlfriend that shit was hilarious 😂

  33. Kevin Gonzalez

    Kevin GonzalezPrije mjesec

    What did Justin do? Dana hates that men 😂.

  34. Mr Uni 845

    Mr Uni 845Prije mjesec

    Tonys the type of guy to call out Freddie Roach for bad coaching 😂😂😂

  35. Mr Uni 845

    Mr Uni 845Prije mjesec

    Love Danas rants

  36. Mr Uni 845

    Mr Uni 845Prije mjesec

    He mentioned Aerials name by mistake 😂😂😂😂

  37. zambot3

    zambot3Prije mjesec

    Say ‘listen’ again

  38. J Short

    J ShortPrije mjesec

    I like what Dana did with his lips 💋😳

  39. carlos uranus

    carlos uranusPrije mjesec

    Imagine being that stupid guy that does the schmo. Having to be stuck with that dumbass character forever when youre trying to do true mma interviews. Has to get old quick. You can tell he breaks character often. Shit is annoying. He needs to drop that whole dumb act

  40. Sheldon Oakes

    Sheldon OakesPrije mjesec

    Jon Jones is the goat of nothing.

  41. Fieds

    FiedsPrije mjesec

    Dana “I haven’t even thought about it” White

  42. luh stunna

    luh stunnaPrije mjesec

    Went in on triller 🤣

  43. Alex Bramm

    Alex BrammPrije mjesec

    In that night olivera would beat khabib

  44. Anthony Iaconianni

    Anthony IaconianniPrije mjesec

    Why does the same asshole ask most of the questions? Talk about set up. #Theater#show

  45. Pohn Osha

    Pohn OshaPrije mjesec

    Dana looks like big talking pimple' , ripe for popping

  46. Cujo

    CujoPrije mjesec

    Dana "I'm Pink But Everyone Calls Me" White.

  47. Aaron sky

    Aaron skyPrije mjesec

    Classless English journo trying to confirm Tony getting dropped from the organisation in a post-fight presser. W#nker.

  48. Enkidu Barkarmo

    Enkidu BarkarmoPrije mjesec

    Danas bullshit opinion on Dariush performance shows exactly why he is underrated. That was some high level BJJ and wrestling and Dana couldn't even give him that.

  49. jbinsb

    jbinsbPrije mjesec

    So basically this is a world where the "coaches" on the UF series get so mad at each other that they want to fight it out. Brilliant. And this boulder-heard Trump lover is perfect for the top of this particular heap.

  50. adads ds

    adads dsPrije mjesec

    I tought edson caused braindamage to the opponent from the weird ko. He got so many hard hits and the guy went down with delay, and he eyes just rolled out while standing. Same way see peoples eyes roll out when they are dying at hospital. Good that nothing happened.

  51. SD F

    SD FPrije mjesec

    GSP is the GOAT

  52. ReyBenjamin Le'Michaels

    ReyBenjamin Le'MichaelsPrije mjesec

    Dana "IDGAF!" White.... I'M JUST SAYIN' 🤷‍♂️

  53. Stephen Moore

    Stephen MoorePrije mjesec

    Tbh, for ever I thought Dana was a total wab. Completely changed my opinion of him over the last couple of years.

  54. Carolyn Smith Ashkh

    Carolyn Smith AshkhPrije mjesec

    The capricious laborer distally handle because engine gratifyingly miss since a frantic linda. amuck, many sled

  55. Luis Vega

    Luis VegaPrije mjesec

    4:38 Tony was underneath Ariel Helwani?🤔

  56. Magical Frijoles

    Magical FrijolesPrije mjesec

    Did Dana ever actually deny blocking GSP from boxing Oscar?

  57. TheTbet

    TheTbetPrije mjesec

    Dana is sad mumbling he’ll never be able to enjoy happy endings from his hype trains

  58. Natalia C SR

    Natalia C SRPrije mjesec

    Loving that Dana’s staying away from thriller/Hoya

  59. Randy Moore

    Randy MoorePrije mjesec

    Dana wanted Chandler to win don't kid yourself he wants to make money it's all about the side show Rid flair can help ...

  60. Jack Straw

    Jack StrawPrije mjesec

    Idc what anyone says Dana all right with me. In the sleazy biz of fight promotion he only seems to be mildly corrupted, jaded, whatever u wanna call it...💰👌✌

  61. Bruce Mitchell

    Bruce MitchellPrije mjesec

    Jordan Wright deserves a performance bonus

  62. Jon Moore

    Jon MoorePrije mjesec

    Cowboy vs Tony retirement fight

  63. jay horsley

    jay horsleyPrije mjesec

    Gutted for Tony I am I never get sad watching a fighter get old ,but Tony makes me sad.. there will never be another Tony Ferguson

  64. Kid Sniper

    Kid SniperPrije mjesec

    Ferguson vs Chandler next

  65. Billy Rucker

    Billy RuckerPrije mjesec

    Oliveira vs gaethje would be a good fight....I don’t get how chandler already got a title shot Dana white privileged I guess...

  66. Bobby Z

    Bobby ZPrije mjesec

    ticket sales $40 million. fight of the night bonus $75k... hmm, fighters still getting the short end, eh?

  67. SLUMP Elvii

    SLUMP ElviiPrije mjesec

    Khabib in has 29 wins how is Jon the goat?

  68. Thomas Ray

    Thomas RayPrije mjesec

    Justin, Dustin, or Connor going to take him out

  69. Jérôme D.

    Jérôme D.Prije mjesec

    Lando always give us a good fight! The guy is a savage.

  70. Azfar82Production

    Azfar82ProductionPrije mjesec


  71. NWE Capital (Home of BFAB)

    NWE Capital (Home of BFAB)Prije mjesec

    Dana: I see John Jones as the GOAT and he can fight anytime he wants. John Jones: Dana doesn’t like me. He’s never like me. I want $10 million during a pandemic or it’s racist.

  72. The Audie P Show

    The Audie P ShowPrije mjesec

    Check out the interview on my channel with the USMC combat veteran who had an EXPLOSIVE pro MMA debut in March.

  73. Shoops

    ShoopsPrije mjesec

    man i really thought andrea lee deserved performance of the night bonus. she looked like a killer against antonia shevchenko.

  74. Gopal Kaushik

    Gopal KaushikPrije mjesec

    Dana white brother of Angela White 🤣🤣💐

  75. Marco Ramos

    Marco RamosPrije mjesec

    Dana looks like king pin from Spider-Man enter the spider verse

  76. Inspector Butters

    Inspector ButtersPrije mjesec

    Dana giving an extra 25k for the bonuses just bc he liked Tony's hilarious "Dana White Privilege" line just further proves how awesome he is. Plenty of people hate on Dana but the dudes awesome at his job and has taken the UFC further than anyone else ever could have. Hes a G who says and does what he wants.... he's my personal hero!! Lol

  77. Zay RoQ

    Zay RoQPrije mjesec

    Is is just me or does Dana come off like a roided out Bald version of James Gandolfini without the accent. 😤🚬🤏😂 Ps he's a cheap _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ _ d, fighters deserve more.

  78. Zay RoQ

    Zay RoQPrije mjesec

    Funny how corrupt our nation is, ah who cares let the games continue...

  79. Inspector Butters

    Inspector ButtersPrije mjesec

    "U mean does it feel great to be right?!? F*ck yeah it does"!! Hahaha between that and the Triller rant Uncle Dana's dropping some killer soundbites this presser lol

  80. Hellopeeps Itsyaboy

    Hellopeeps ItsyaboyPrije mjesec

    Oliveira only made 75k for that fight? Love the UFC but the money they get is absolute shite. Meanwhile Canelo makes 15 million for his latest fight... Dana one of the biggest yet cheapest bosses known in sports

  81. CousinGrizz

    CousinGrizzPrije mjesec

    I’m so happy Dana isn’t giving triller and Jake an opportunity to take away from what the UFC is doing. Real fight fans don’t wanna watch that concert event bullshit 🤦🏻‍♂️

  82. M Hawkes

    M HawkesPrije mjesec

    Ferguson has been absolutely taken the piss out of by the UFC!! Ridiculous win streak and he never got that more than well deserved title fight! It’s an absolute crime imo, especially as Chandler walks straight into that undeserved shot.

  83. _ warren

    _ warrenPrije mjesec

    Tony Ferguson vs cowboy cerrone plz thx uncle Dana

  84. darren kvernum

    darren kvernumPrije mjesec

    Roger Goodell and Adam Silver could take a lesson from Dana White a real leader and no nonsense business man representing his MMA culture! 👍🇺🇸

  85. Airman1984

    Airman1984Prije mjesec

    Hey Dana ..... how`s going ... I miss the good old times ... you seem stressed and anxious.... you only live ones man, it will never be like it was. Time to move on. Take Care

  86. Dennis Sharpe

    Dennis SharpePrije mjesec

    Jones is done. He wont fight Stipe because he can't beat Stipe. Jon SKERRERD! JONES

  87. Franky Salazar

    Franky SalazarPrije mjesec

    Tony’s the type of guy to advocate for a higher bonus then gets dominated & doesn’t get any of the bonuses.

  88. D 416

    D 416Prije mjesec

    Dana white new favourite word ummmm

  89. Blessed

    BlessedPrije mjesec

    And the ref go a hard on after announcing Oliveira as winner

  90. dereksharron

    dereksharronPrije mjesec

    Conor losing to Poirier . He puts Conor's name first. He was soooo unhappy when Poirier beat him.

  91. Lucas Godoy

    Lucas GodoyPrije mjesec

    Dana's privilege is so mad right now.

  92. SokinHD

    SokinHDPrije mjesec

    Thank god that dana doesn't say "who's first".

  93. Ralikan

    RalikanPrije mjesec

    This is thr Real main event haha.

  94. newfiefromnl Viking king

    newfiefromnl Viking kingPrije mjesec

    Why the fat guy always ask questions about mma first?

  95. newfiefromnl Viking king

    newfiefromnl Viking kingPrije mjesec

    Dirty dana. Fucked over Tony's career.

  96. Nunyo Bizwax

    Nunyo BizwaxPrije mjesec

    The most impressive performance of UFC 262 for me was Andrea Lee's triangle choke submission victory on Antonina Shevchenko. That was a pretty slick submission on a very good fighter.

  97. vinicius santana junior

    vinicius santana juniorPrije mjesec

    king "the dana white" pin

  98. SENHORES DA SOLDA serralharia

    SENHORES DA SOLDA serralhariaPrije mjesec

    Cadê o Victor Miranda falando sobre a luta do Charles vs Chandler. De olho na luta e tão empolgante quanto a luta,e um pós luta.estamos esperando.

  99. jayvee boiser

    jayvee boiserPrije mjesec

    8:38 (onwards) THIS IS WHY WE LOVE DANA!!

  100. Dave Musso

    Dave MussoPrije mjesec

    could be that Tony FERGUSON ' Burned Out' preparing 3X for the Russian Bear that never happened.