UFC 262: Charles Oliveira Post-fight Press Conference

Hear the new UFC lightweight champion's post-fight remarks with the media in Houston. Charles Oliveira is the 11th lightweight champion in the promotion's history and the second lightweight champion from Brazil.

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  1. LRDSS

    LRDSSPrije 2 dana

    🤥of the translator🤭🤪

  2. FT Driver

    FT DriverPrije 9 dana

    Congratulations champ!

  3. Mid _Shot

    Mid _ShotPrije 14 dana

    6:00 Charles oliveira was in rap mode for a sec

  4. hmL

    hmLPrije 22 dana

    A NOVA LENDA BRASILEIRA!!!! Tmj sempre campeão!

  5. Rico Lanz

    Rico LanzPrije 23 dana

    Sammy Davis Jr

  6. Chevy Chase

    Chevy ChasePrije 25 dana

    Translation: "Papa John's for sure, jalapenos, pineapples, more pineapples, green and yellow onions, green bell peppers, black olives, no anchovies, extra cheese and put in the oven a bit longer, a two liter soda:Mr. Pib"

  7. Franek Litwinski

    Franek LitwinskiPrije 27 dana

    Interviewer: "conor mcgregor" Charles Oliveira: 😏😏😏😏😏

  8. Laura Quintero

    Laura QuinteroPrije 28 dana


  9. Quân Nguyễn

    Quân NguyễnPrije 29 dana

    Congratulation champ!


    AJITHEROPrije 29 dana

    Dana is like fuck my main rooster need translator that is why he give more privilege to Chandler

  11. Maurizio Candido

    Maurizio CandidoPrije mjesec

    Grande Charls, quella cazzo di cintura se l'è proprio meritata come si è meritato il match per il titolo, Contrariamente a MC che è stato letteralmente catapultato in pool position dopo una sola vittoria in UFC. Aveva vinto altrove? Certo, anche Khabib è entrato in UFC con una straordinaria striscia di vittorie che quella di MC al confronto non regge, ma poi il match per il titolo se lo è dovuto sudare, Evidentemente a Dana W. piacciono gli striker, quelli che sanno tirare cazzottoni, anche se poi nell'ottagono quella è solo una parte del confronto tra i lottatori, forse neppure la più importante.


    CHRIS GAINESPrije mjesec

    Charles may be champion and he TRULY DOES deserve this moment but hes got a row full of absolute killers. Islam, Gregor Gillespie, Beniel darush, Justin Gaethje, Dustin n Conor too! Hes got a LOT OF WORK to do now.




  14. Bibhushan Khadka

    Bibhushan KhadkaPrije mjesec

    Congrats sir

  15. Fernandez Randy

    Fernandez RandyPrije mjesec


  16. Douglas Oliveira

    Douglas OliveiraPrije mjesec

    Actually, with more details that Charles said: First answer: Gratefulness, gratefulness. I`m grateful to God for everything which happened to me, for everthing which i`m living now, for I came here to show the everybody that`s possible. Second answer: Man, I was the first to fight without crowd, and it`s necessary to open to them. I like this, to feel the human warmth, booing or cheering, I don`t care about. It`s satisfactory to show I`m capable fighting. Third answer: It`s necessary being hard, not easy. We`re the cream of the crop, top in the world, aren`t we? So, we need to respect Michael Chandler, ex-Champion and he was hired for it. It was tough, and had being this way. But look at that: If they want fighting me, my hand is heavy and will put in their faces. Going down, I`ll do my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As I said: Every time that I come here to impact the world, one more time. Fourth answer: I`m agressive all time in octagon, I always move foward. I come in to win. As I said: If you want a guy who wants speaking, don`t let me only seated. If want show, put me in octagon. Fifth answer: It`s funny, look at it. When the people come to fight, they always try to get inside my head in any way. Michael talked all the times when they hit me, I retreated or could not handle the pressure. Man, how many years ago had he seen my defeats? It`s the past now. There`s a new era, a new Charles, a new moment. I keep proving it. I don`t wanna talking about this. In this moment are 8 victories, I knock out or finish the opponent, I don`t come here to have fun. I`m here to make it happen. I said that I`m good physically, mentally and spiritually. I showed you in the octagon. Sixth answer: Look, I`ve worked really hard to get where I am. Now, it is their turn to get where I am. Everyone comments about the fighting between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, but let`s just wait what will happen. My manager will take care what it will going on. I`m just want to rest at home, to enjoy this UFC Championship. Let`s see who is next one fighting me. Seventh answer: Ha-ha-ha... Look man, I asked a lot for it, you know. We asked for, and we`re talking about this. I talked to Macaco several times that I wanted to go back to featherweight but I don`t want anymore. I`m truly a lightweight now, not because I`m the champion. On the other hand, if Dana provide to me this opportunity, I would move down to featherweight category. Eighth answer: Look man, this is MMA, not western or Jiu-Jitsu. Whole my life I`ve been a greatest Jiu-Jitsu fighter, but it`s necessary fighting on foot as well. To be on the floor, or wherever, it has to be a full fighter in the octagon. That`s the reason why I have 8 winning streak. So, it`s no use when someone talks aroundhe is the best of western or muay-thay, you have to be full on everything, and I am this person. If you want to change punches on me, you`ll fall down, or if you take me down, I`ll choke you. I told you, it`s no use to be such a loudmouth. Chandler said when I put pressure I`d fall on floor, and he`s the best western... Ok, he did some things, but nothing much at all. Nineth answer: I was wrong about the round that I would win, thinking I would be victorious in the first one, but it was in the second one. On the other hands, everything don`t happen the way we want, they happen in God`s time. Look man, I told you every times that it`s no use to imagine what my opponents will do, I prefer to do the best I always can. I know my pottencial, my firepower and Jiu-Jitsu. I`m going to octagon to finish them. If I don`t finish them, I`ll knock-out. Tenth answer: I feel ready. I thought several times I could reach the top, but it`s not in time of mine, but it`s in God`s time. Today I feel like a machine, a lion between the lions. Eleventh answer: Look man, it`s in the past, I don`t remember this anymore. I`m just living this present moment. Twelfth answer: It`s just in your all in due time. There was greatests champions, they made own histories years ago, they deserve every respect. But as I said, today is a new chapter, there are other champions, and my name is there in this moment, it already was wrote right now. Thirteenth answer: Hey Conor, worry about Dustin and then after we`re going to talk about it. Fourteenth answer: It would be wonderful! Just imagine it. Hey Conor, if you`re a bad guy so much, hit the Dust and come over in Brazil to fight me. You`ll be takedown there and put your ass on the floor in front of mine. First of all, it`s necessary hit the Dust to reach me and to say something. This is another one of those who keeps talking anything, always stays beating around the bush. This is another that always do that. Fifteenth answer: I told to Dana to believe me. I aprecciated it to Joe for to say I deserve this opportunity. And, basically, I was very happy enjoying my moment with them. Anytime everyone!!!

  17. Cappy 22

    Cappy 22Prije mjesec

    God bless em!

  18. Lucas

    LucasPrije mjesec

    Say whatever you want about this dude about him being humble whatever... he’s a scary man, you can see in his eyes how badly he wants to win and inflict damage. So badass.

  19. King Kong

    King KongPrije mjesec

    Been in the ufc a decade became champion still can’t speak English 🙄

  20. Sem nome

    Sem nomePrije mjesec

    he has to represent his official language and not where he was not born. everything in life is not just English.

  21. Mojeezy 704

    Mojeezy 704Prije mjesec

    Im glad bro won he deserved this belt i been a fan frfr

  22. Ivan Hernandez

    Ivan HernandezPrije mjesec

    Only reason he got caught the first Rd was because he stumbled so he is definitely a beast

  23. Tzar Leonardi

    Tzar LeonardiPrije mjesec

    Do Bronx 🤙🏽

  24. james2774

    james2774Prije mjesec

    He actually can speak a little English. But he’s still too self-conscious about it, so he wants to unleash it on the world when he feels it’s good enough.

  25. james2774

    james2774Prije mjesec

    Olives with the million dollar smile !

  26. zambot3

    zambot3Prije mjesec

    Referee saved his ass

  27. J.W.

    J.W.Prije mjesec

    he is a champion because he has the correct mindset - gratitude

  28. Tucson Maui

    Tucson MauiPrije mjesec

    Where Da phuck is that young brown haired Brazilian translator at??! WTF

  29. Quinn Martinez

    Quinn MartinezPrije mjesec

    Charles looks like he could bite tf outta you.

  30. Lucas Rocha

    Lucas RochaPrije mjesec

    Full translation(sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language): 1º question : Gratittude, for all that i've been through, for all that i've been living, for i can come here and show for the people that we can. 2º question : Dude i was the first to fight without the audience, and now i had to open, i like this, i like of this heat, i don't care if they will boo, i like of this heat, i like to show to the people that i am capable. 3º question : It has to be tough, can't be easy, we are in the cream, we are between the best of the world, then we have to give respect to Michael Chandler, ex-champ, he was hired to UFC for be the champ, it has to be tough, but just look, if they come to fight with me my hand will hit, my hand is heavy, if they put me down i will do my jiu-jitsu, its like i said, every time that i come here, i come to choke to world one more time. 4º question: I am agressive from the beginning to the end, i only walk foward, I enter here to win, its like i said, if you guys wanna a guy that only keep talking, don't put me to sit here, if you guys want to see a show, put me in the octagon that i'll give you the show. 5º question: I'ts funny, just look, the people when i come here to fight, they want to get in my head somehow, Michael told that when the fighters hit me i can't hold the pressure, dude, he saw this how many years ago, how many fights ago, it passed, its the new era, its a new Charles, its a new moment, I've comming proving and saying this to every body, lets not talking about the past, lets talk about today, the present, its nine wins in a row, or i knock out or i submit, i dont come to play, i come to make it happen. I said, i'm good mentally, fisically and spiritually, i showed this to you on the stage. 6º question: Look, i struggled a lot to get here, now they have to struggled to get here too, every body has been talking about Dustin x Conor, lets wait whos's gonna win, my manager will work about that, we'll see who's gonna be. I wanna go home, enjoy this belt and lets see who's gonne be the next. 7º question: Dude i asked a lot about this, that i wanted to come back to the feather weight, but i don't want anymore, I'm trully a light weight, its not just beacuse i'm the champ today, but if they give me the opportunity to come back to fight fot the feather weight belt, along the time we would go to the feather weight division, if Danna give me the opportunity to fight for the feather weight belt, i go to the feather weight division. 8º question: Dude, this is MMA, its not wrestling, its not jiu-jistu, my hole life i was a jiu-jitsu fighter, but we have to be the best standing, on the grownd, wrestling, we have to be complete in the MMA, thats why i've comming from nine wins in a row, i learned this, then doesn't matter if you are thes best of wrestling, muy thay if you're not complete in everything, i am complete in everything, if you come to trade punches with me, you'll go down, if you put me down i'll submit you, its like i said, he had the opportunity, he uses this opportunity to keep talking, he said that if he puts pressure i was going to fall, he said that he was the best wreslting, ok he put me down he landed some puches, but in the and my arm was raised. 9º question: I was wrong about the round, i said that it was going to be in the first round, but it was in the second round, things are not the way we want, its in the God's time. Dude I've been talking all the time, there's no use in thinking what my opponents will do all the time, we gotta to make it happend, we gotta to put what we can do on the table, i know the fire power that i have, i know of my jiu-jitsu, i enter on the stage to end the fight, if i dont't' knock out i'll submit. 10º question: I feel ready, i thought many times that it should have arrived soon, but its in God's time, today i am ready, a machine, a lion between lions. 11º question: Dude this is past, i don't' even remember this, i'm living the present.(This was translated well, because its a short answer. LOL) 12ºquestion: its everything in its time, we had great champions, they had their history, they derserve all the respect in the world, its like i said, now its a new history, now we have another champions, my name is in there, today we took and wrote our name. 13º question: Connor worry about Dustin, later we'll talk.(This was translated well too.) 14º question: Would be wonderfull, imagine. Hey Connor since you are soo tough, fisrt os all, beat Dustin and then come to fight in my land in Brazil, you'll fall sitting down in front of me. its has to see fisrt if hes is gonna pass Dustin, hes is one more like these guys that talk too much. 15º question: I said to Danna to keep believing in me, i thanked Joe, for be one of the guys who spoke the most that i deserved this opportunity, i was there happy, enjoying my moment. Obs: I tried my best to transalte, fisrt to improve my english and second because unfortunatly the translator didn't tranlate well of what Charles said.

  31. Hannes Niedrist

    Hannes NiedristPrije mjesec

    Thank you - good job 👍

  32. Davi Souza

    Davi SouzaPrije mjesec

    No disrespect but the translator is being just inaccurate with his work. I´m Brazillian and what Charles is saying and what is being translated is different.

  33. Blas Uscocovich

    Blas UscocovichPrije mjesec

    Good ol’ charlie olives

  34. Inderraj Kewal

    Inderraj KewalPrije mjesec

    simple person always showing respect humbble that is how it should be Micheal only has a big mouth UFC is something else remeber that Micheal

  35. Localtrapsquad TV

    Localtrapsquad TVPrije mjesec

    Let’s see Nick Diaz or Nate Diaz fight Tony.

  36. iv0ry iv0ry

    iv0ry iv0ryPrije mjesec

    This guy is gona be "hall of fame"r i believe 100% .#ANDNEW

  37. Juan Silva

    Juan SilvaPrije mjesec

    Dude, that translator is missing a lot of what charles said... The non-speaking Portuguese people are getting a total different message... The traslator is missing how grateful he is with everything thats happening to him and how humble and respectful he is with his opponents. Missing a lot of that personality....

  38. Sean Mariani

    Sean MarianiPrije mjesec

    Great fighter!! Congrats 🙏🏼🤘🏼

  39. Majid Mukhtar

    Majid MukhtarPrije mjesec

    Anyone else noticed the volume on these videos is always kind of low?

  40. Richard Mayberry IV

    Richard Mayberry IVPrije mjesec

    The translator for Olivera are so bad, he has sauce if you understand his Portuguese.

  41. iWellinton

    iWellintonPrije mjesec

    Seria muito legal se o HRcharts traduzisse os comentários.

  42. Artur Ferreira

    Artur FerreiraPrije mjesec

    I wonder if people who dont speak portuguese can understand how nice is this guy! Eu amo o Charles!

  43. SWS-Vlogs

    SWS-VlogsPrije mjesec

    When the FAT Guy always gets the 1st Questions!

  44. SWS-Vlogs

    SWS-VlogsPrije mjesec

    Oliveira iz a Gd guy! Well deserved

  45. sebastian perez hernadez

    sebastian perez hernadezPrije mjesec

    Felcitaciones Charles Oliveira ! Campeón del peso ligero de la ufc .

  46. John Whitworth

    John WhitworthPrije mjesec

    Million dollar smile with a 50 cent face.

  47. Leonardo Gonzalez

    Leonardo GonzalezPrije mjesec

    Great Champion.

  48. Harish Shetkar

    Harish ShetkarPrije mjesec

    Well he should have learned a bit English being in the UFC for so long.....Look at our man Francis🔥

  49. xRapto “xRapto”

    xRapto “xRapto”Prije mjesec

    The most deserve belt in UFC history

  50. The Wheel Reel

    The Wheel ReelPrije mjesec

    This man has pure skills i would say his chin is good because chandler has explosive shots and he took em and didn’t just go down he went down for the legs and he actually knew what he had to do he didn’t just fell down and protected his head so i would say with his chin and striking and skills he is gonna dominate the division until some one knocks him out.

  51. chimbrazo

    chimbrazoPrije mjesec

    Charles vs khabib is the real fight that got away . Watch Charles go on a streak and get khabib out of retirement

  52. Jim Weeks

    Jim WeeksPrije mjesec

    LEARN ENGLISH!!!!! Is this really how this is gonna go down everytime we hear from Charlie? 🤦🤦🤦

  53. Sem nome

    Sem nomePrije mjesec

    And you learn a little bit of Portuguese. because I always manage when I'm an American fighter. if he doesn’t speak Portuguese, I won’t understand, so it will be resolved there too

  54. Lucas Godoy

    Lucas GodoyPrije mjesec

    I feel that he is carring Khabib message so well right now, keep himself so calm, compose take the opportunity with all his heart when its there to take it.

  55. Hyrum Smith

    Hyrum SmithPrije mjesec

    New and real king of the Light weight division

  56. Ramsey Sangma

    Ramsey SangmaPrije mjesec

    Charles Oliveira has the most gorgeous teeth in the lightweight division.

  57. 母湯大法師

    母湯大法師Prije mjesec

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    Trojan SasoriPrije mjesec

    11? Oliveira is 15! WTF Conor?

  59. MJ Sculpts

    MJ SculptsPrije mjesec

    he deserves it.

  60. 2- Abdul Wahib

    2- Abdul WahibPrije mjesec

    I really hope he starts to speak English even in broken form. I don't mean to disrespect him, but his own utterance will make better atmosphere due to he is The Champ in the most staked division.

  61. Andreas Harrebek

    Andreas HarrebekPrije mjesec

    Those shades are killer. Does anyone know what brand😎

  62. Jacob Marshall

    Jacob MarshallPrije mjesec

    Brazilian beavis 11:56

  63. Faze Shot

    Faze ShotPrije mjesec

    Most Submissions *x14*✨ Most Finishes *x17*✨ Most Performace of The Night Bonuses *x11*✨ Most UFC Fights before Winning a Title *x28*✨ Nine Fight Win Streak (Current) ✔ Annnd he's only 31...*Charles "Do Bronx" Oliveira* is setting himself up to becoming *one of the* GREATEST lightweight fighters of ALL TIME 🏆

  64. Faze Shot

    Faze ShotPrije mjesec

    @bjird I find it the other way around, I think Do Bronx will finish both of them. We'll see though when that time comes :)

  65. bjird

    bjirdPrije mjesec

    Idk he almot lose by chandler he still have conor justin dustin that i think can kill him

  66. Sergio Pedroza

    Sergio PedrozaPrije mjesec

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  67. Mr Jakub

    Mr JakubPrije mjesec

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  68. Sem nome

    Sem nomePrije mjesec

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  69. Tyron Williams

    Tyron WilliamsPrije mjesec

    UFC makes so much money but they can't put translated text in their videos, crazy

  70. Paperboy Fiat Armstrong

    Paperboy Fiat ArmstrongPrije mjesec

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  71. Masood Shaikh

    Masood ShaikhPrije mjesec

    Islam makachev is on the way

  72. Lil Gee Official music

    Lil Gee Official musicPrije mjesec

    After chandler almost knocked him out on the ground in the first round his team said yep that’s it throw your hands standing up don’t let him go to the ground he’s to strong for hkm

  73. Evil GLock

    Evil GLockPrije mjesec

    Crazy to think Felder TKO’d him.

  74. matthew Peyton

    matthew PeytonPrije mjesec

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  75. Jaromu Designs

    Jaromu DesignsPrije mjesec

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  76. RM

    RMPrije mjesec

    This guy needs to learn English. Would be beneficial for a business/marketing perspective

  77. Faggiano Pasta

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  78. Nacer Ouafa

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  79. Faggiano Pasta

    Faggiano PastaPrije mjesec

    I hope Charles gets to beat up Connor. Ahh sweet bliss lol

  80. Faggiano Pasta

    Faggiano PastaPrije mjesec

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  83. Abhay dev k j

    Abhay dev k jPrije mjesec

    Tough guy..respect to him..but light weight is the best division..there is tougher guys...belt will change hands..

  84. Melkam

    MelkamPrije mjesec

    Did anyone else notice as he was getting beat up by chandler on the ground, he thought he poked chandlers eye and was apologizing. This guy is too humble. Hope your run as champ last for years.

  85. JnkieFTW

    JnkieFTWPrije mjesec

    10 years in the UFC, still can't say a single word in english

  86. JnkieFTW

    JnkieFTWPrije mjesec

    @Sem nome I don't either

  87. Sem nome

    Sem nomePrije mjesec

    because he doesn't live in the united states. I understand that he works there, but he doesn't live there in the United States

  88. シᘜᕼOՏTᖴᗩᑕᗴ

    シᘜᕼOՏTᖴᗩᑕᗴPrije mjesec

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  89. Camping Alberta Canada

    Camping Alberta CanadaPrije mjesec

    I've got so much respect for Oliveira. His humble ways and love for Jesus is the mind of a true champion. All class.

  90. Wade Eightyeight

    Wade EightyeightPrije mjesec

    Charlie Olives up there lookin like Max Headroom

  91. VessTv

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    raul jimenezPrije mjesec

    After Tony lost, he Meditated in the locker room...it’s when his levitation rises 3 inches above Eddie Bravos warm butt buns that tony turn Super Saiyen!!! SS Tony goes back to octagon fights king of Otters wearing gloves made of Dariush skin to get belt back and have Dana white wear nothing butt the belt as a skirt at motel fajita brothers

  95. Void LT

    Void LTPrije mjesec

    The hardest challenge now is to keep the belt for as long as possible.

  96. Void LT

    Void LTPrije mjesec

    @manchuk1d Same feeling.

  97. manchuk1d

    manchuk1dPrije mjesec

    Super happy for him but i honestly feel like he wont last long at all, he'll be lucky to defend it once or even twice, i really hope he proves me wrong.

  98. Void LT

    Void LTPrije mjesec

    Charles needs to learn English ASAP

  99. Eric Koch

    Eric KochPrije mjesec

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  100. Only Stuntin

    Only StuntinPrije mjesec

    I’m so happy for this man. Against all odds he proved everyone wrong 🇧🇷

  101. Philip Kim

    Philip KimPrije mjesec

    Zero promotional push from UFC. He didn't receive "Dana White privilege" He has most submission and most finish record in UFC. 11 years of hard work and not giving up finally paid off. He is so inspirational. I have nothing but respect for him.

  102. CharlesDaGreat

    CharlesDaGreatPrije mjesec

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  103. Bran ate Jojen paste

    Bran ate Jojen pastePrije mjesec

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  104. Lucas Pereira

    Lucas PereiraPrije mjesec


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    Ragnarr LoðbrókPrije mjesec

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  106. Pan_be V_nice

    Pan_be V_nicePrije mjesec

    The question @3::00 got Oliveira's attention.

  107. Laura Márquez

    Laura MárquezPrije mjesec

    Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados .

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    borgarPrije mjesec

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