UFC 261 Reaction | Usman vs Masvidal 2 | UFC Round-Up With Paul Felder & Michael Chiesa | 4.27.21

Paul and Michael are back to breakdown an epic UFC 261 event that featured finishes in all three title fights and two knockout of the year candidates. What's next for Usman, Rose and Shevchenko? How about Nick Diaz? What did they make of the DC and Jake Paul confrontation? Felder and Chiesa discuss all of that and more in this week's episode.

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  1. Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides

    Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResidesPrije mjesec

    Paul proved “prophetic” here @33:00 “Left kick from hell...loves to go after that liver”

  2. Noah Leslie

    Noah LesliePrije mjesec

    I feel like if they had their own channel this would blow up

  3. Ruiz Familia

    Ruiz FamiliaPrije mjesec

    Best duo

  4. Josh Galli

    Josh GalliPrije mjesec

    Hey Michelle chiesa

  5. Josh Galli

    Josh GalliPrije mjesec

    So felder is watching fights At ya mates wedding. What a shit person

  6. Constantly hungry (čuňas čuňárek)

    Constantly hungry (čuňas čuňárek)Prije mjesec

    Chris Weidman 🤔karma?

  7. ben perchalski

    ben perchalskiPrije mjesec

    The SW may have a couple that may volunteer to keep a few lbs and step up to 25

  8. TheDXJC56

    TheDXJC56Prije mjesec

    If you actually take that title shot over letting the real #1 contender fight for it you're only ruining the sport Chiesa just like that other scab Vettori 👎

  9. JustDavid

    JustDavidPrije mjesec

    Jake Paul is a non entity for you guys. You guys are real MMA fighters. He is not worth your attention.

  10. Вит

    ВитPrije mjesec

    Фелдер-- ну чем не Чак Норрис?

  11. Teresa

    TeresaPrije mjesec

    Ok. We all saw Usman sleep Masvidal. Can we move on to Nate’s fight

  12. Tell-it

    Tell-itPrije mjesec

    No, Journeyman noise maker got Slept 😂

  13. ChampChamp

    ChampChampPrije mjesec

    1:10 who did Chiesa say he watched the show with?

  14. Aasif Khan

    Aasif KhanPrije mjesec

    Two stupids reacting on big fight👋

  15. Jernej Gradišek

    Jernej GradišekPrije mjesec

    im excited for the checz samurai, but i hope he wont be as reckless with reyes as he was with volkan. i dont think he can afford that with teyes

  16. Michael Moscatelli

    Michael MoscatelliPrije mjesec

    Love these guys

  17. anthony Romero

    anthony RomeroPrije mjesec

    My fave new duo!!

  18. TheNimasan

    TheNimasanPrije mjesec

    Rose proved me wrong and i am soooo happy about that. that was not a kick, that was " floting in the space " kind of thing....unbelievable how beautiful it was!!!! Usman's KO is gonna go down to one of my fav knock outs in my top 10 best ko books either boxing or mma. i really ranked it up there as Sergio Martinez knocked out Paul Wiiliams or Tarver ko'ed jones. Absolutely Amazing!!! 2 things, tho: I would never bet against Rose anymore. And kamaro is my #1 p4p mma fighter at the moment....no doubt!!!! Valentina had a great performance as well. All in all that was such a crazy card!!!!! and Travor is the best mma coach period!

  19. Chris Gray

    Chris GrayPrije mjesec

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    James WilliansPrije mjesec

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    Chris GrayPrije mjesec

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  22. Askar Almazbekuulu

    Askar AlmazbekuuluPrije mjesec

    24:02 🤣😂

  23. Brandon Alexander

    Brandon AlexanderPrije mjesec

    Cory should get knockout of the year when he killed frankie

  24. doobsnack

    doobsnackPrije mjesec

    Really like how these 2 gel

  25. John Brennan

    John BrennanPrije mjesec

    If Wonderboy goes out & beats Burns on July 10th, he deserves the belt shot more than Colby. Usman is already better than he was when he beat Colby the first time. Wonderboy is the only top 5 WW that Usman hasn't beaten & I feel he's the only one elusive enough to give Usman a run for his money.

  26. Arjun Tomar

    Arjun TomarPrije mjesec

    Usman will beat the middle weight champion like GSP. He has the reach advantage over GSP. He will smoke the 185 weight champion easy.

  27. Sport Combat 1981 Goachet

    Sport Combat 1981 GoachetPrije mjesec

    DC, if you were (which I doubt) concern about your actions on UFC 261, forget about it. You did what it was suppose to be done. You got the support of the MMA family.

  28. Rich May

    Rich MayPrije mjesec

    Killer point on Usman’s growth as a champ, Mav!

  29. lil sp00k

    lil sp00kPrije mjesec

    love u both, but pls at least get USB microphones for these things

  30. laertesdd

    laertesddPrije mjesec

    Presence of the audience was great in and of itself - but the "boos" against Weili were a shame.

  31. Ben Zeltser

    Ben ZeltserPrije mjesec

    Chiesa and Felder are just boring people

  32. Shaks Bftd

    Shaks BftdPrije mjesec

    Jorge Journey man Masvidal lost too kamaru twice 😭😂😂😂

  33. 420 isplenty

    420 isplentyPrije mjesec

    Love chiesa but covington is a horrible match up for him especially mentally, Kevin Lee got to him, Covington will grind his gears until they break, Chiesa should fight burns :D

  34. Hội Câu Cá nước Mặn Lý Thiên TV

    Hội Câu Cá nước Mặn Lý Thiên TVPrije mjesec


  35. Ya boi

    Ya boiPrije mjesec

    Chiesa avoiding mentioning luque at all costs lol

  36. KANDANG TENGKULAK tangerang

    KANDANG TENGKULAK tangerangPrije mjesec


  37. тесн

    теснPrije mjesec

    Excellent content guys

  38. Chris “Bugsy”

    Chris “Bugsy”Prije mjesec

    🙋🏼‍♂️ im for the podcast. These two are great together 👍👍

  39. Jay says

    Jay saysPrije mjesec

    Colby needs to fight atleast 2 more guys before he gets a shot at usman again. I love Woodley but his losing streak didn’t make Colby look special. Trevor Whitman is a G 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  40. Maty Davus

    Maty DavusPrije mjesec

    hell yeh!

  41. Wildwood

    WildwoodPrije mjesec

    These two guys have great chemistry

  42. Aasif Khan

    Aasif KhanPrije mjesec

    Made 4 each other kinda

  43. Söz Doğanın

    Söz DoğanınPrije mjesec


  44. james2774

    james2774Prije mjesec

    Great stuff, guys !

  45. Matthew Marin

    Matthew MarinPrije mjesec

    Jorge was just too cocky even before the fight... Oftentimes arrogance is a pathway to destruction... and the result he became a laughing stock.

  46. Simply Golf

    Simply GolfPrije mjesec

    Two of my favourite ufc presenters 💯👍🏻🥃

  47. Aasif Khan

    Aasif KhanPrije mjesec

    @Partha P B 😂😂😂😂

  48. Söz Doğanın

    Söz DoğanınPrije mjesec


  49. Leopold Robatche

    Leopold RobatchePrije mjesec


  50. Charlton M.

    Charlton M.Prije mjesec

    Everyone loves the Diaz brothers... Nate is a great fighter, can entertain and sells fights well. He is the UFC’s west coast gangster.

  51. Lemuel Saunders

    Lemuel SaundersPrije mjesec

    Jeez, what cameras are these guys using? The AF constantly hunting was awful, and give Mike Chiesa a decent microphone FFS

  52. May May Somner

    May May SomnerPrije mjesec

    15:12 This is a great diatribe about Rose Namajunas.

  53. spook show

    spook showPrije mjesec

    Give Wonderboy a title shot. I do believe he can beat Usman. I truly do.

  54. Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides

    Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResidesPrije mjesec

    LOL the last white hope?

  55. Tell-it

    Tell-itPrije mjesec

    You've believed this for at leastb10 of Usman's fight lol FOH 🤡😂

  56. Aasif Khan

    Aasif KhanPrije mjesec


  57. Tmac 01

    Tmac 01Prije mjesec

    I'm happy to the fans are back, watching the UFC with no fans wasn't the same. Could you imagine hearing Chris Weidman breaking his leg with no fans in the background.

  58. Aasif Khan

    Aasif KhanPrije mjesec

    I thought same ☹️

  59. J24NY

    J24NYPrije mjesec

    Paul. Mike. I love you both.

  60. Abraham Hernandez

    Abraham HernandezPrije mjesec

    No jones is a cheater

  61. Benjamin Jones

    Benjamin JonesPrije mjesec

    Why the fuck are they blinking so much

  62. Frequent Flyer

    Frequent FlyerPrije mjesec


  63. Tamur Khawaja

    Tamur KhawajaPrije mjesec

    Michael looking like luke Rockhold

  64. Kacper Łabuz

    Kacper ŁabuzPrije mjesec


  65. Face SMASHER

    Face SMASHERPrije mjesec

    gotta love these 2 guys!

  66. T

    TPrije mjesec

    chiesa to start off with the goat comparison. STAHP!

  67. will renfrow

    will renfrowPrije mjesec

    170 is the most interesting weight class after the Masvidal knockout. Imo. Until the Chandler/ Oliverea fight

  68. AmeerSirhan99

    AmeerSirhan99Prije mjesec

    Michael is so unprofessional. Oh you hate colby!? Who cares dude .. he is the number 1 ranked so sit down shut up and enjoy the show cuz you ain't even in the top 5 to even be in the discussion . Ruined the show for me .. felder is great as always but Michael was terrible

  69. Rider 64rus

    Rider 64rusPrije mjesec

    Бла бла бла... Что говорят? Хрен его знает(((

  70. Ho Lee Fok

    Ho Lee FokPrije mjesec

    Hope his mom was making the dinner

  71. Ruben Chandrasekar

    Ruben ChandrasekarPrije mjesec

    This show is underrated. Great discussion!

  72. Noa Sakurada

    Noa SakuradaPrije mjesec

    If you guys ever stop doing these on the UFC channel you should definitely do a podcast of your own 🤙

  73. Arie Cox

    Arie CoxPrije mjesec

    Yeah this guys not biased lol

  74. Volg Sivorsky

    Volg SivorskyPrije mjesec

    That right hand from Usman is ssooooo satisfying knowing what masvidal did in ben vs jake

  75. Chris “Bugsy”

    Chris “Bugsy”Prije mjesec

    It doesn't make it less sleazy.

  76. spook show

    spook showPrije mjesec

    All of its an act, and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker. It was to promote both fights. It worked.

  77. Galactic Gas

    Galactic GasPrije mjesec

    Covington v. Chiesa 👀👀👀👀

  78. YamiSpirit

    YamiSpiritPrije mjesec

    Chiesa is really good at this...

  79. James Melton

    James MeltonPrije mjesec

    I like both of these guys, but I can’t get into these things. They’re so boring, which is bad considering they’re discussing the most exciting sport in the world.

  80. тесн

    теснPrije mjesec

    Go and watch the schmo. That’s more suited for you

  81. UNA SIB

    UNA SIBPrije mjesec

    Agree they are boring

  82. Mr Lemon

    Mr LemonPrije mjesec

    Felder has to fight Wonderboy for the NMF title!

  83. Lost Caper

    Lost CaperPrije mjesec

    Two absolute worriers and stand up guys, great choice for this show.

  84. smooth cast

    smooth castPrije mjesec

    apart from both being very knowledgale, Chiesa & Felder have great chemistry. this UFC round-up needs to go for as long as possible. maybe become weekly like Ariel & DC's monday show

  85. Danniboyz95

    Danniboyz95Prije mjesec

    Chiesa is annoying. Boring guy doesn’t deserve to fight the King Of Chaos

  86. 1975Adamd

    1975AdamdPrije mjesec

    Michael “ Conor lawsuit money 💰 “ Chiesa

  87. Peter Choi

    Peter ChoiPrije mjesec

    John jones is the best he is the goat 🐐

  88. Final Boss

    Final BossPrije mjesec

    UFC 261 was special.

  89. Adam Watts

    Adam WattsPrije mjesec

    You guys should have a podcast (if this isn't one already??). Great chemistry, interesting takes. Love it. Keep this going.

  90. MurkyWaterz

    MurkyWaterzPrije mjesec

    Michael needs to stick with fighting

  91. John Kreese

    John KreesePrije mjesec

    Chiesa vs Colby....winner gets the title shot....instead of giving it to a Nate Diaz(with a win)...Leon or these two guys....it’s logical

  92. VEASNA Kun Khmer

    VEASNA Kun KhmerPrije mjesec

    Great, I'm from Cambodia

  93. Able Tesfamichael

    Able TesfamichaelPrije mjesec


  94. Rexxor

    RexxorPrije mjesec

    Valentina said that she decides how she wants to finish it while she is in the Octagon with her opponent. Scary girl, we need to see the Nunes 3

  95. Jay says

    Jay saysPrije mjesec

    💯. Would be 🔥

  96. Mickey Frost

    Mickey FrostPrije mjesec

    I love you Chiesa but I don't see anyone beating Kamaru and Colby except Kamaru and Colby

  97. ZUFFER 167

    ZUFFER 167Prije mjesec

    Chiesa vs Felder that's a headliner right there!

  98. ReyBenjamin Le'Michaels

    ReyBenjamin Le'MichaelsPrije mjesec

    Fook Chiesa

  99. john ritchie

    john ritchiePrije mjesec

    Masvidal took a dive 🏊‍♂️

  100. Ryan McGuire

    Ryan McGuirePrije mjesec

    I would love to see Chiesa vs Colby, that would be a high level grappling match or a throw down brawl

  101. DOCUMAX

    DOCUMAXPrije mjesec

    Great point, Chiesa, on the juxtaposition of St. Pierre and Usman. Usman's evolution in the champion's position.

  102. The Chicano You Love To Hate

    The Chicano You Love To HatePrije mjesec

    The #1 P4P MMA fighter in the world is not a king, but a queen. The Lioness, double champ, Amanda Nunes. Not sure why people are reluctant to put her name too of the list, if they want to mention Usman now, then they should have put respect on Amandas name long before him.

  103. Rick Little

    Rick LittlePrije mjesec

    LOL. 145 is fat 135 prelim fighters, sheep

  104. Joseph Mashalla

    Joseph MashallaPrije mjesec

    @ 32:10 absolutely amazing Breakdown of the calf kick and what went wrong with Chris's setup. Haven't seen that anywhere else Awesome job Felder!

  105. Michael Jordan

    Michael JordanPrije mjesec

    Yo Rose threw a feint-jab switchkick. The ex champ tried to block the jab, never saw the kick.

  106. dammy ayo

    dammy ayoPrije mjesec

    No it was just a switch kick she been caught like that twice before...one in training and by Joanna...she thought the kick was coming to her stomach so move her abdomen backwards to evade that's why her hands was away from her head

  107. Abdou Wahab

    Abdou WahabPrije mjesec

    الميزان هذا واعر بزاف فيه كماروا و بارت دانا جيبنا الجديد

  108. Rob Raines

    Rob RainesPrije mjesec

    Great show brothers

  109. Catonius

    CatoniusPrije mjesec

    Hey UFC ESPN, ditch Cheeser, give us Laura Sanko or someone please.

  110. Jason Hutcherson

    Jason HutchersonPrije mjesec

    Why are you asking what's next? Dana said no question Colby Queefington is Next!

  111. Al Tappo Mak Tappo

    Al Tappo Mak TappoPrije mjesec

    Fight Jorge Masvidal

  112. Thomas Nappo

    Thomas NappoPrije mjesec

    MASVIDAL SEEMS TO BE NOT AS GOOD AS HE THINKS..because he got his ASS handed to him..

  113. EPSTomcat11

    EPSTomcat11Prije mjesec

    Chiesa is extremely eloquent - excellent addition to the commentating team.

  114. Philome

    PhilomePrije mjesec

    P4P on steroid you mean?

  115. Philome

    PhilomePrije mjesec

    Jones is P4P from the past. The actual P4P is Usman. How can anyone be pound for pound without even fighting?

  116. Peter MaDash

    Peter MaDashPrije mjesec

    Thank you. I honestly do not understand how the UFC P4P rankings work at this point. I mean, how does Jon Jones retain his sport after not fighting for over a year? His last three victories were unconvincing, some may even argue he lost against Reyes.

  117. Dana White

    Dana WhitePrije mjesec

    Common let’s be realistic here. The only interesting matchup at welterweight is Covington vs Usman 2 stylistically and storyline wise. No other contenders represents a threat to Usman. Otherwise the move to middleweight makes sense as Ali Abdelaziz said in the interview with Schmo. These two have a political agenda and it’s clear. They’re talking about Covington not doing anything but wanna talk about Nate Diaz lol

  118. Wolf Pac

    Wolf PacPrije mjesec

    Chiesa would get his feelings hurt by Covington I hope he knows what he’s getting himself into.

  119. Edward Dunn

    Edward DunnPrije mjesec

    Usman has my respect now as a fan. His last two fights being finished the way they were got my attention. He always struck me as a fighter that leaned on people and grind them out but his striking has improved a bit.

  120. Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides

    Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResidesPrije mjesec

    You are what’s wrong with sport fans. You’re a wagonist and of it took his last 2 fights after his body of work to get you to “respect” him, it’d take 2 or less for you to jump off. You’re one whose respect I suspect he won’t care for.

  121. Aasif Khan

    Aasif KhanPrije mjesec

    Improved a bit🙄 You seems MMA hall of famer🙏🙏🙏

  122. Brian Lane

    Brian LanePrije mjesec

    It's even crazier thinking about how quickly he's been defending his belt.

  123. Ben Vincze

    Ben VinczePrije mjesec

    Gotta respect a fighter that utilises their opponents best assets against them. Shevchenko in the same conversation also. Scary shit!

  124. Billy Corgan's Ego

    Billy Corgan's EgoPrije mjesec

    He didn't just strike you that way, that's what he did.