Top Finishes: Derrick Lewis

Watch a collection of Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis' top finishes in his UFC career so far. Lewis faces Ilir Latifi at UFC 247 on February 8 in Houston.
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  1. Petar Gulin

    Petar GulinPrije 17 sati

    5:31 literally not even a fingertouch

  2. kennydunk

    kennydunkPrije dan

    If he would have bum rushed DC with big shots DC would have lost.

  3. haitian scooter

    haitian scooterPrije 2 dana

    This dude got some heavy brick fists

  4. big PHILLY

    big PHILLYPrije 2 dana

    Ngannou at that time can not suffer a flash ko in which lewis can unload Ngannou not just a striker his arms have the force equivalent to 3 green anaconda

  5. big PHILLY

    big PHILLYPrije 2 dana

    World suffering fighters getting paid pffftt go Jake Paul he dreamed a dream

  6. big PHILLY

    big PHILLYPrije 2 dana

    Lets forget football lets create elite 4 be 4 super fight nights

  7. big PHILLY

    big PHILLYPrije 2 dana

    It will be lewis only he can stop ngannou jones is too small to bully him maybe tyson fury thats the only fight that makes sense you stupid fucks

  8. Poso Pulungan

    Poso PulunganPrije 3 dana

    4:10 Oh, he went to get the takedown but he got down to the ground himself. Lol. Hillarious

  9. KW 2024

    KW 2024Prije 4 dana

    Wtf is that victory move he does? Is it supposed to be a wale beaching itself?

  10. That Nigga

    That NiggaPrije 5 dana

    He don’t hit that hard

  11. Kwadwo

    KwadwoPrije 6 dana

    The ref wanted to see derrick kill a man in the last one. Wtf did he forget he was refereeing.

  12. Big 3ye

    Big 3yePrije 7 dana

    Derrick's celebration is how he came out the womb

  13. TrapSkateLive

    TrapSkateLivePrije 7 dana

    Last one... That Ref was a DICK 💯

  14. Here There Everywhere

    Here There EverywherePrije 7 dana

    Herb Dean really loves to see people getting wrecked. He could've stop most of those unnecessary punches early on right after those KOs.

  15. Jay Bass

    Jay BassPrije 7 dana

    4:10 he let his body weight fall on him

  16. meaty cabbage

    meaty cabbagePrije 7 dana

    The thought pattern of Derrick Lewis: Fight opponent Beat opponent Impregnate canvas Life is good

  17. Darrel Jarvas

    Darrel JarvasPrije 9 dana

    The celebration though 😂

  18. Liam Pariso

    Liam ParisoPrije 9 dana

    Wtf I hate Mario Travis didn’t need that many wtf he needed the hospital

  19. Karol Krawczyk

    Karol KrawczykPrije 10 dana

    yamasaki xD

  20. MaTheBe27

    MaTheBe27Prije 12 dana

    Why was there a heavyweight limit anyway

  21. choggerboom

    choggerboomPrije 12 dana

    Love Lewis’s celebration. Ultimate fat guy lay out

  22. trinh le xuan

    trinh le xuanPrije 12 dana

    5:32 Travis: 😴😴😴 Derrick: 😠👊💥👊💥👊💥 Mario: 🤩🤩🤩 ...

  23. Khaidar Beissov

    Khaidar BeissovPrije 12 dana

    The scariest thing that can ever happen to you is fighting Derrick Lewis, and when the referee is Mario Yamasaki

  24. Santiago Arroyo

    Santiago ArroyoPrije 13 dana

    Looking like lots of basquetball bounces

  25. badgers bollocks

    badgers bollocksPrije 13 dana

    volkov got fucked up

  26. Dwayne Porter

    Dwayne PorterPrije 13 dana

    Derrick Lewis is so much more terrifying than Francis. Those short punches hooks and upper cuts that he can knock you out with at any angle from the shortest distances. Then he throws Dan Henderson H bombs all 276 or 80 pounds the night of the fight probably since he cuts to get to 264 or 5. Then he lands the dan Henderson h bomb on your lifeless body. Deadly accurate. Oh my face hurts thinking about it. Francis throws those unciardinated hammer fists after your out that bounce partially off the canvas. Not Derrick. Even the new Francis that has wrestling defense. Still Derrick is the one I think anybody should be afraid of. Francis ain’t knocking you out after the second round. Derrick can knock you out until the last second of the fight. If he had cardio. Holy Shit. He is the top echelon and doesn’t work on cardio. Can’t imagine if he got in shape. Unstoppable Champ. Even Francis I feel. Which is my own personal opinion is afraid of him.

  27. Pat

    PatPrije 13 dana

    5:30 fire that ref 😂

  28. Louufitness

    LouufitnessPrije 14 dana

    He's ok 😖

  29. boyyo4 sho

    boyyo4 shoPrije 14 dana

    He’s fat except his shoulders and triceps

  30. Gago Conjar

    Gago ConjarPrije 14 dana

    0:54 OMG

  31. Simon Messenger

    Simon MessengerPrije 14 dana

    Knocks his head back like a Pez dispenser 🤣

  32. Piratnissen

    PiratnissenPrije 15 dana

    Sadistic late stoppage from the judge on that last clip?

  33. Lucky Luke

    Lucky LukePrije 15 dana

    Yamasaki and Herb Dean should be locked inside the cage and forced to fight each other until they’re both dead.

  34. Justin Green

    Justin GreenPrije 15 dana

    Joe Rogan brought Jimmy Smith over to the UFC then got him fired after one year.

  35. Aidan Griffiths

    Aidan GriffithsPrije 15 dana

    Browne sucks 😂

  36. Jonathan Cordero

    Jonathan CorderoPrije 15 dana

    The first clip shows the same uppercut he sent Blaydes to sleep with but missed. Crazy

  37. Shaun Bang

    Shaun BangPrije 16 dana

    The only fighters I’d actually like to see do the bare knuckle boxing would be black beast and Conor

  38. Snp solo

    Snp soloPrije 16 dana

    Every time he lays down like that after a win ot reminds me of....have you seen a movie Kung Fu Hustle? ☺

  39. JayWob

    JayWobPrije 16 dana

    5:15 he’s getting his head punched in unconscious and mario is just like yeah guess I better stop it now

  40. JayWob

    JayWobPrije 16 dana

    Now he’s got Ngannou again huh

  41. Dakota Lenzi

    Dakota LenziPrije 16 dana

    Time for my mans to take on the NEW!!!

  42. James Jay

    James JayPrije 16 dana

    Lewis bs ngannou next fight 💪🏽💪🏽

  43. bikerboy72

    bikerboy72Prije 16 dana

    He has a chance at beating Ngannou at his own game. Dude has bricks for hands

  44. HUJAMBO Korodani

    HUJAMBO KorodaniPrije 17 dana


  45. E Tan E Epi Tas

    E Tan E Epi TasPrije 17 dana

    Everybody talks about how " nice" D Lewis is ..but this guy LOVES smashing people in the head AFTER they have been knocked out!!

  46. yourlife 4given

    yourlife 4givenPrije 17 dana

    Lewis:🤛👀 Yamasaki: 😐 Lewis: 👊👀 Yamasaki: 🤨 Brown:😴 Lewis:👊🤛✊🤜✊👀 Yamasaki: 🤔 Brown: ..💀 Lewis:👊👀 Yamasaki: ok i call fight

  47. yourlife 4given

    yourlife 4givenPrije 17 dana

    Yamasaki: finna end this mans whole caree.....LIFE😠

  48. Boz Boz

    Boz BozPrije 17 dana

    Bones would DESTROY this guy!!!

  49. Facetious Monkey

    Facetious MonkeyPrije 17 dana

    Derrick Lewis & Herb Dean: The most dangerous tag team in the UFC

  50. Anthony mahon

    Anthony mahonPrije 18 dana

    Swingin and bangin

  51. SLE 297

    SLE 297Prije 18 dana

    Was that a belly slide?😂😂😂 This guy is so funny

  52. RHR 147

    RHR 147Prije 18 dana

    late stoppages spoil the show

  53. Dead Body Man

    Dead Body ManPrije 18 dana

    Dude needs a title shot. The fans love him and he's knocking almost everyone out.

  54. kanishk kashyap

    kanishk kashyapPrije 19 dana

    Whoever thinks this guy can beat Ngannou is clearly out of their minds!

  55. jhonny Lawrence

    jhonny LawrencePrije 19 dana

    pounded into rubble

  56. Rex Toltec

    Rex ToltecPrije 19 dana

    Pay your fighters fairly, UFC.

  57. Mountain Fire Genetics

    Mountain Fire GeneticsPrije 19 dana

    Until he ko dblades...he was tomato can crusher champ.

  58. Ali Lafi

    Ali LafiPrije 19 dana

    He have to fight Francis again for the title

  59. J Dong

    J DongPrije 19 dana

    Ref in that last fight is garbage, he waited too long and dude could've gotten a serious concussion.

  60. Prime Anomalous

    Prime AnomalousPrije 19 dana

    Ngannu vs Lewis is more 🔥than JJ

  61. Munir Hanafi

    Munir HanafiPrije 19 dana

    Derrick lewis is devils 😈😝😝😝

  62. Nayem Rahman

    Nayem RahmanPrije 20 dana

    3:11 3:45

  63. HungryandFit

    HungryandFitPrije 20 dana

    Yamasaki out here trying to let Travis die

  64. Danny Bradley

    Danny BradleyPrije 20 dana

    One thing Lewis never gets credit for is the accuracy of his strikes when his opponent's on the ground. Almost 100% connect flush.

  65. Nathan Craig

    Nathan CraigPrije 20 dana

    This the kind of guy that if he wasn't in UFC and accomplished so much, people would say he's a horrible boxer.

  66. Yatyas68Whiskey

    Yatyas68WhiskeyPrije 20 dana

    notice how herb dean always lets black fighters get a few more licks in on unconscious white fighters.... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!! POS

  67. Aermenius

    AermeniusPrije 20 dana

    Derrick Lewis is probably the only person who could match Ngannou at this moment, absolute beast.

  68. Niyi Awe

    Niyi AwePrije 20 dana

    Most of these referees are clueless

  69. Jim DeFazio

    Jim DeFazioPrije 20 dana

    Love Lewis but he's going to get killed by Francis.

  70. miamimagicians magician miami

    miamimagicians magician miamiPrije 21 dan

    He realistically be one good fighter and that was Francis Ngannou.

  71. Joe Skill

    Joe SkillPrije 21 dan

    How many heads bounced of the canvas like a ping pong ball due to this beast..🤷‍♂️👊🏽

  72. Joe Skill

    Joe SkillPrije 21 dan

    Derrick has the best beastly celebration..👍🏽👊🏽

  73. Joe Skill

    Joe SkillPrije 21 dan

    I’m actually excited to see Derrick vs Fran.. Jon you can go to bellitor..🤷‍♂️

  74. Matri XXX

    Matri XXXPrije 20 dana

    He needs lose more weight to keep up with the predator.

  75. Carlos Uzaier

    Carlos UzaierPrije 21 dan

    Mario "Death is a social construct" Yamasaki

  76. Goat Mountain

    Goat MountainPrije 22 dana

    The only guy who could beat ngannou in his prime and go undefeated everytime they fought


    PES MONSTERPrije 22 dana

    derrick"my balls was hot"lewis😂😂

  78. Ry

    RyPrije 23 dana

    Lol, I'm convinced Mario Yanasaki's life goal is to let someone die in a fight.

  79. Jean-Claude Georges

    Jean-Claude GeorgesPrije 23 dana

    Lol knock em out and brought him back🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Travis W

    Travis WPrije 24 dana

    Yamasaki is so trash it’s unbelievable


    ROIS CENT TRÔNESPrije 24 dana

    Who is her after the victory of Francis NGANOU?

  82. Cody P

    Cody PPrije 24 dana

    I wanna see lewis vs ngannou

  83. juan castro

    juan castroPrije 24 dana

    Yamasaki waiting for the soul to leave the fighter body before he stops the fight 🤣🤣🤣

  84. Munnawar Khan

    Munnawar KhanPrije 24 dana

    Mario "if he dies, he dies." Yamasaki

  85. ShiestyShamus

    ShiestyShamusPrije 25 dana

    I think DL has more ground & pound knockouts than the rest of the UFC roster combined.

  86. micheal harris

    micheal harrisPrije 25 dana


  87. Ryan Bush

    Ryan BushPrije 26 dana

    The boiling chair explicitly employ because trowel aetiologically imagine like a feeble feigned difference. wonderful, ultra rest

  88. D Rush Farms

    D Rush FarmsPrije 26 dana

    Stipe vs Lewis next fight. Win or lose for stipe tomorrow night.

  89. Matri XXX

    Matri XXXPrije 20 dana

    Stipe will wait for the Francis rematch.

  90. BBR

    BBRPrije 24 dana

    I think Lewis can finish Ngannou but I def think Ngannou can finish him. Would love to see them run it back

  91. henri monk

    henri monkPrije 24 dana

    He gonna retired

  92. flyingpete73

    flyingpete73Prije 28 dana

    wow this guy is accurate, he just doesn't miss on the ground!

  93. Hybrid Moments

    Hybrid MomentsPrije 29 dana

    I love it when Mario is ref. VIOLENCE!

  94. Nicholas Woods

    Nicholas WoodsPrije 29 dana

    His celebration is so weird I dislike it very much

  95. winslow wong

    winslow wongPrije mjesec

    0:30 Goddard completely misses the mark

  96. Random Stuff

    Random StuffPrije mjesec

    Ref Yamasucky let brown get knocked out and says defend yourself or I’ll stop it 😂

  97. Kalei

    KaleiPrije mjesec

    Reff should have protected Travis better than that ...c'mon people

  98. Cisco Leon

    Cisco LeonPrije mjesec

    Most people have to use various moves to get up when mounted. Lewis just decides to get up. 😂

  99. Alonzo

    AlonzoPrije mjesec

    Show him finish off DC

  100. Fahed !

    Fahed !Prije mjesec

    Yamasaki stop the fight when it’s over you fucking freak

  101. Lamb Sauce

    Lamb SaucePrije mjesec

    Lmfao ‘looked like he knocked him out brought him back knocked him out brought him back..’

  102. Lamb Sauce

    Lamb SaucePrije mjesec

    *AHHHHHHHHH* (high pitched)

  103. sunday miroslav

    sunday miroslavPrije mjesec

    5:29 did it hit travis? It look like the no touch knockout technique

  104. Monitor Lizard

    Monitor LizardPrije mjesec

    5:48 dead. rip.

  105. Mike E

    Mike EPrije mjesec

    Remember this guy doesn't have a mma training

  106. Brian Baker

    Brian BakerPrije mjesec

    Man I couldn't imagine getting hit by him! It hurts thinking about it!

  107. djeeee911

    djeeee911Prije mjesec

    Everyone talk about power or weight but this is lewis hand speed that is awesome for his size.