Matt Serra & Ray Longo Corner Reactions to Merab Dvalishvili

Get a peek behind the curtain at some of the commentary from Matt Serra and Ray Longo have directed at their fighter Merab Dvalishvili in past fights. Dvalishvili will fight Cody Stamann at UFC Vegas 25 on Saturday night.
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  1. SonofTexas1836

    SonofTexas1836Prije 7 sati

    I cant hear the name Merab without it being in a all caps Serra voice.

  2. Joseph Alvarez

    Joseph AlvarezPrije 6 dana

    Matt Serra is a squeezed-down Dana White.

  3. Pavle Zakaidze

    Pavle ZakaidzePrije 9 dana

    Matt Serras enthusiasm for him Is amazing. Such a great coach!!!

  4. Diego Linares Montoya

    Diego Linares MontoyaPrije 11 dana


  5. Diego Linares Montoya

    Diego Linares MontoyaPrije 11 dana


  6. RoyleTV

    RoyleTVPrije 11 dana

    I didn't want this video to end, Matt is so energetic and such a great coach

  7. lucas todd

    lucas toddPrije 12 dana

    ffs thanks also for ruining this duo


    YNWA AIYPrije 12 dana

    Is Serra Italian American? Too annoying

  9. Julio César Febles

    Julio César FeblesPrije 12 dana


  10. Bloke

    BlokePrije 12 dana

    I want Matt Serra in my corner for everything i do in life

  11. Zeroflux

    ZerofluxPrije 12 dana

    does anybody want cwofee?

  12. Gareth Tichauer

    Gareth TichauerPrije 12 dana

    I completely understand Sterling's decision 🤣🤣

  13. OneCupOfCoffee204

    OneCupOfCoffee204Prije 12 dana

    How can you concentrate with someone screaming in your ear like that? LoL

  14. Andy Kim

    Andy KimPrije 12 dana

    Damn this was awesome. Love serra and longo

  15. GorGiuS T

    GorGiuS TPrije 13 dana

    Serra is most funniest guy in the UFC community 💀

  16. DaT Ward

    DaT WardPrije 13 dana

    I want Matt Serra in my corner on every exam I'll ever be taking

  17. Gonzalo S

    Gonzalo SPrije 13 dana

    Best Matt Serra quote ever. 'Pizza is like pussy. Even when it's bad it's not that bad'.

  18. max agnew

    max agnewPrije 13 dana

    Looks how happy they are for their friends success and achievement. Wholesome

  19. Rolands Voitiņš

    Rolands VoitiņšPrije 13 dana

    I see snake in the grass.

  20. KingWayne714

    KingWayne714Prije 13 dana

    Matt is legendary

  21. GOLDEN

    GOLDENPrije 13 dana

    MATT IS THE BEST, HE GIVES NO FUCKS and loves you with all his heart!!!!!!!!!1

  22. KFC finger licker

    KFC finger lickerPrije 14 dana

    I thought Matt Serra retired from cornering, lol?

  23. ELIBONSA TV Production

    ELIBONSA TV ProductionPrije 14 dana

    I saw a Oscar winner behind Matt

  24. Feng Shui MMA

    Feng Shui MMAPrije 14 dana

    Meet a woman that has your back the way this corner does.

  25. ilia Megrelien

    ilia MegrelienPrije 14 dana


  26. jido Smith

    jido SmithPrije 14 dana

    მეტი მაგარი კაცია! იმსახურებს ეგ კაცი ქართულ სუფრას!

  27. borsa vendita

    borsa venditaPrije 14 dana

    I am georgian and i am proud of this guys in our corner

  28. BuzzGame

    BuzzGamePrije 14 dana

    and the meme champion is now a bucket boy?

  29. Simartlis Mchedeli

    Simartlis MchedeliPrije 14 dana


  30. Hu Kares

    Hu KaresPrije 14 dana

    Can this dude finish someone?

  31. Izzy Gee

    Izzy GeePrije 15 dana

    Matt reminds me of my dad watching me play baseball. Did a better job than the coaches. 😄. Can hear him louder than the crowd from all angles.

  32. partridgepimp

    partridgepimpPrije 15 dana

    That guy is a problem!!! People gonna be ducking him like Shaq getting into a sports car

  33. PrattAz PrattAz

    PrattAz PrattAzPrije 15 dana

    How did FunkMaster not want Matt in his corner for the title bout!??

  34. Ross Barrett

    Ross BarrettPrije 15 dana

    2 loudmouth new Yorkers

  35. BigJay

    BigJayPrije 15 dana

    something definitely went down with serra & longo... not sure what but its unfortuate

  36. Ján

    JánPrije 15 dana

    if a thumb was a person he'd look like Matt Serra

  37. Pea Diz

    Pea DizPrije 15 dana

    Serra is what I Call High maintience

  38. Ismaail Nuthoo

    Ismaail NuthooPrije 15 dana

    Oh my god paper champion is there 😑😏

  39. Tito Mish

    Tito MishPrije 15 dana

    I want to see their reaction to weidman’s leg🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  40. Maybe, maybe not.

    Maybe, maybe not.Prije 15 dana

    Imagine having Matt in the corner of your life, by the time you'd brushed your teeth in the morning, you'd be ready to take over a small country single handedly by mid afternoon.

  41. KFC finger licker

    KFC finger lickerPrije 11 dana

    Matt Serra and Ray Longo need more appreciation as MMA coaches for their advice and training methods. Serra and Longo have trained high-caliber fighters like Chris Weidman, Stephen Thompson, Merab Dvalishshi, and Aljamain Sterling. edit: Yeah, Aljamain got his ass whooped by Petr Yan. But you should see Sterling's fight with Sandhagen.

  42. OneCupOfCoffee204

    OneCupOfCoffee204Prije 12 dana

    Yeah but more realistically, you would be telling dad, I got this, calm down.

  43. gxrilla

    gxrillaPrije 13 dana

    By the time you brushed your teeth in the morning you’d be ready to take over a small country in the afternoon. makes sense.

  44. Utkarsh Tiwari

    Utkarsh TiwariPrije 15 dana

    Both are wiseguys, who just happen to be running corners

  45. Mr Impossible

    Mr ImpossiblePrije 15 dana

    Can we see there reaction to chris's leg?

  46. Trace Finlay

    Trace FinlayPrije 15 dana

    Gotta love Matt Serra !!!

  47. Brandon McDuffie

    Brandon McDuffiePrije 15 dana

    Man! I love Matt Serra and Ray Longo. Tri-State love all day!!!

  48. Khedran

    KhedranPrije 15 dana

    I want Sauced up Serra as my personal hype man!

  49. James Excell

    James ExcellPrije 15 dana

    No wonder his voice is horse lol

  50. Wayne Taylor-vicary

    Wayne Taylor-vicaryPrije 15 dana

    Love serra, longo what a team.

  51. Walker Meiner

    Walker MeinerPrije 15 dana

    Merab is a great fighter. I wish it would rub off on the paper belt holder

  52. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerPrije 15 dana

    I need that kinda motivation

  53. Gustavo Ñaña Rosales

    Gustavo Ñaña RosalesPrije 15 dana

    sterling was KO by this video.

  54. Ward Diablo

    Ward DiabloPrije 15 dana

    thats what steroids does to u lol

  55. p00ki

    p00kiPrije 15 dana

    Find you a team that hypes n helps each other like this and you'll take over

  56. Sir Young

    Sir YoungPrije 15 dana

    Matt is the type of coach/corner man I want

  57. mjaatpriory

    mjaatprioryPrije 15 dana

    Matt Serra is the man, such a brilliant human being!

  58. Jamie Reynolds

    Jamie ReynoldsPrije 15 dana

    1:54 LMFAO!!!! STERLING LOL!!!!

  59. Jamie Reynolds

    Jamie ReynoldsPrije 15 dana

    god his voice gets annoying quickly lol

  60. 1more day

    1more dayPrije 15 dana

    Matt Serra with his voice is like Phil from Herculis ; Rule #95 Concentrate kid ! 😁

  61. Olbap Rabocse

    Olbap RabocsePrije 15 dana

    Serra and longo and great guys... See serras view of when khabib spoke to.him during al fight

  62. SEILA

    SEILAPrije 15 dana

    I need Matt Serra in my corner at every moment in my life. “Do the Henzo! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!!!!”

  63. Toutai Palu

    Toutai PaluPrije 15 dana


  64. stfub

    stfubPrije 15 dana

    Wow he's really into it I love that

  65. Евгений Штурба

    Евгений ШтурбаPrije 15 dana

    Серра, крассопет👍👍👍

  66. Bellicose 20

    Bellicose 20Prije 15 dana

    Rip Casey

  67. SlipBlood AMV

    SlipBlood AMVPrije 15 dana


  68. dachi kanashvili

    dachi kanashviliPrije 15 dana

    yeees meraaaab!!!

  69. გიჟფეხა ანდერსონი

    გიჟფეხა ანდერსონიPrije 15 dana

    The Machine VS Sugar Show merab asking for 2 year give him that fight

  70. Tsulo Tsulo

    Tsulo TsuloPrije 15 dana

    მერაბ წარმარებებიი ჯიგარო

  71. Sarthak Bhatt

    Sarthak BhattPrije 15 dana

    The way matt gets happy for his people shows how a good man and a team player he is

  72. Tyro Cyr

    Tyro CyrPrije 15 dana

    Gotta love the chemistry 🔥😂

  73. Nicholas Cage

    Nicholas CagePrije 15 dana

    Matt Serra is so genuine

  74. Söz Doğanın

    Söz DoğanınPrije 15 dana

  75. Raouf SEKFALI

    Raouf SEKFALIPrije 15 dana

    i need a Matt Serra to follow me around on a daily basis

  76. Diego Velazquez

    Diego VelazquezPrije 15 dana


  77. Consumed by deceit

    Consumed by deceitPrije 15 dana

    The hype is real with this one lol

  78. all4one together4all

    all4one together4allPrije 15 dana

    Matt Serra is the MAN!

  79. NgenHD

    NgenHDPrije 15 dana

    Aljo's a bitch

  80. David Sensei

    David SenseiPrije 15 dana

    Matt serra =🤡.

  81. Bandido Ng Sapang Bato

    Bandido Ng Sapang BatoPrije 15 dana

    Wow how could you not get pumped when he is in your corner

  82. Sweet E

    Sweet EPrije 15 dana

    I love it when someone impresses Matt Serra bc Matt is just a nice guy until you fuck wit him

  83. Nika Papashvili

    Nika PapashviliPrije 15 dana

    მერაბ მგელი ხარ 🥰🇺🇸🇬🇪

  84. Fight Club

    Fight ClubPrije 15 dana


  85. Sam

    SamPrije 15 dana


  86. lil slav boi

    lil slav boiPrije 15 dana

    imagine telling matt serra nah i dont want u in my corner.:|

  87. Taco Tacotington

    Taco TacotingtonPrije 15 dana

    Matt Serra yelling nonstop is why the fighters in that gym have asked him not to corner them anymore. They want to hear Longo, not him.

  88. A4

    A4Prije 15 dana

    Thanks so much for sharing this lol

  89. Brandon Williams

    Brandon WilliamsPrije 15 dana

    Wait. Wasn't Cody Stamann supposed to fight Cody Garbrandt? !?!

  90. SparkyMTB

    SparkyMTBPrije 15 dana

    That’s the first meatheaded cheerleader I’ve seen lol

  91. Jason Genova

    Jason GenovaPrije 15 dana

    Did they have the same reaction to Chris Weidman

  92. Perry Perry

    Perry PerryPrije 15 dana

    Dana being friends with Matt Serra is making sure that Serra's position is not tainted with Sterling leaving Serra as a coach. 😉

  93. Angel Rivera

    Angel RiveraPrije 15 dana

    How can you not love Matt Serra's enthusiasm.

  94. Badrul Alam

    Badrul AlamPrije 12 dana

    Except if you are on the wrong side of the punch

  95. Fi it

    Fi itPrije 15 dana


  96. Jonathan Becerra

    Jonathan BecerraPrije 15 dana

    I’ll take whatever he’s having into my veins

  97. Whattatwist

    WhattatwistPrije 15 dana

    Dude matt sera at his age is fucking ripped to the gills man look at those arms.

  98. hbeezey

    hbeezeyPrije 15 dana

    Show their corner when Anderson broke his leg. Matt Serra: "Good, fuck him" Weidman got up faster than Sterling.

  99. Jason Santos

    Jason SantosPrije 15 dana

    Matt Serra is that loud rather annoying typical new Yorker you would encounter on the subway and start an argument with over a shoulder bump.

  100. Qadir rauf Muhaymin

    Qadir rauf MuhayminPrije 15 dana

    Dude Matt serra is aggravating ,voice is offensive, and the Boston accent terrible. He should learn to guard his tounge and more conservative in his speech.

  101. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz FerdinandPrije 16 dana

    I thought these were their reactions to Chris Weidman 😬

  102. don shagger

    don shaggerPrije 16 dana

    Love Serra. Seems like a proper genuine guy who would be fun to have a few beers with. Will be cheering Merab this weekend.

  103. FormulaWill

    FormulaWillPrije 16 dana

    Matt Serra is one likable coach and person. Does he have a gym in NYC?

  104. Mark Betonio

    Mark BetonioPrije 16 dana

    That must be an amazing feel to have, two amazing coaches in your corner, both competent enough to give you proper instructions throughout the match, giving you the best chance to win. Ray Longo and Matt Serra, the striker and the grappler, amazing coaching duo.

  105. Alan Bones Jones

    Alan Bones JonesPrije 16 dana

    1:47 sterling with the afro looks so weird to me 😂