Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 1 | UFC 165, 2013

Relive one of the most entertaining bouts in Jon Jones career so far as he took on Alexander Gustafsson for the first time in a razor-close matchup back in 2013 at UFC 165.
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  1. Kevin G

    Kevin GPrije 6 sati

    It is an unwritten rule that in fight sports that "winning by points" to take a championship should NEVER happen unless it was pure domination from start to finish. That is what you call a "champion's advantage". You got to dominate the champion or knock them the hell out if you want the belt.

  2. Fran Tackle

    Fran TacklePrije 8 sati

    This was a real fight for both guys

  3. Enigmatic

    EnigmaticPrije 15 sati

    I love how pretty much everyone chooses to ignore JJ's steroid use. No wonder he was such a beast, he was juicing his whole career!

  4. Yaniv

    YanivPrije 20 sati

    Still see in 2021. One of the greatest fights.

  5. Robert S

    Robert SPrije 20 sati

    Crazy every time I watch this fight I realize how much of a robbery it was, Gus out struck the hell out of Jones and literally stuffed almost every takedown.

  6. Nick M

    Nick MPrije 20 sati

    There are so many things that go into scoring a fight. Numbers are bs, but really the only way. Jones won this fight, no doubt. No doubt one of his toughest though, as Gus was and still is a stellar fighter. But I would say 2, 4 and 5 all went to Jones. 2 is a toss up. Ok. 4 and 5 for sure though. Damage in a fight is of the upmost value. Jon landed almost 10 head kicks in that last round, a flying knee and multiple elbows. Gus was running, exhausted, only trying to counter or jab with one failed spinning elbow and measly takedown attempt. Jon was in the better shape afterwards, he took a lot of damage no doubt, and even ate more volume, but the damage he dealt to Gus was far more than he took. Stronger finish, more damage dealt. That’s why he wins.

  7. suripto kiman

    suripto kimanPrije 22 sati

    jon just pure dirty fighter. he should be in jail by now

  8. Men Um

    Men UmPrije 23 sati


  9. brian davis

    brian davisPrije dan

    Never thought Gus had much to offer but hands and jj is my favorite ufc fighter period but i tell u what gus is one tough sob much respect for gus but nobody can handle jj nobody

  10. 《03》Abbas Ahamed

    《03》Abbas AhamedPrije dan

    Gus has seriously amazing rhythm and footwork

  11. Elle Doe

    Elle DoePrije dan

    Gus should have won and I'm not even a jon jones hater, he should have won

  12. tacticool Bassn

    tacticool BassnPrije 2 dana

    This was one of Gustafsons best wins. Congrats to the champ... Jones lips are hilarious 😆

  13. Dinca Gabriel

    Dinca GabrielPrije 2 dana

    john lost this fight

  14. Michael Lee

    Michael LeePrije 2 dana

    Has Jones EVER been deducted a single point for his out stretched fingers?? Also three blind judges in this fight-Gustafson didn’t win a single round??

  15. Srikanth kola

    Srikanth kolaPrije 2 dana

    Jons in mind ok i poked him its just advance time

  16. R0B3RT F1SH3R

    R0B3RT F1SH3RPrije 2 dana

    and you thought the reyes fight was bad


    JOHN FLETCHERPrije 2 dana

    Jones got his ass kicked

  18. OG Salv

    OG SalvPrije 2 dana

    im a fan of jon jones. he didnt win though.

  19. Nice News

    Nice NewsPrije 2 dana

    Gus win

  20. Rockstar Boy

    Rockstar BoyPrije 2 dana

    Gustafsson win's

  21. Alfred Motton

    Alfred MottonPrije 2 dana

    Jon jones is one of the best fighters in the world

  22. SiegeGang

    SiegeGangPrije 3 dana

    Gustafsson: Round 1 Win, pushing the pace, a big takedown and did the most damage, Jon was very tired. Jon Jones: Round 2, 4 and 5 Win 2 Round was hard to tell.

  23. Ron Legend

    Ron LegendPrije 3 dana

    Bones is without doubt one of greatest but he lost this fight

  24. Jdellis94 -

    Jdellis94 -Prije 3 dana

    I seen one man running the whole fight so if you running and the fight is this close I give it to the aggressor John

  25. carlo negri

    carlo negriPrije 3 dana

    gustafsson is the winner

  26. D. Kane

    D. KanePrije 3 dana

    If you are a great fighter, any time someone gives you a close fight, people will say you lost.

  27. D. Kane

    D. KanePrije 3 dana

    That 4th round was a 10-8 for Jon Jones. Like Gustafsson was literally saved by the bell...

  28. J K

    J KPrije 3 dana

    Ya that was as rigged as our election

  29. Brock Lesnar 3.0

    Brock Lesnar 3.0Prije 3 dana

    Jon was beating him bad towards the end. I got Jon winning this tbh

  30. Peter Drent

    Peter DrentPrije 3 dana

    Allways a plessure to see Bones fight

  31. fatalradius

    fatalradiusPrije 3 dana

    6:36 When you playing tag with your friend

  32. Alexander Bond

    Alexander BondPrije 4 dana

    Gus made Jones look like an average fighter.

  33. Maddy Choudhary

    Maddy ChoudharyPrije 4 dana

    Bad decision

  34. John Lennon

    John LennonPrije 4 dana

    that was a fucking incredible fight. those two guys are gladiators, just so much respect for both of them.

  35. Jonathan Morpeth

    Jonathan MorpethPrije 4 dana

    My favourite fight ever!

  36. isinox

    isinoxPrije 4 dana

    did jones poke everybody he fought?

  37. Kirk Hadley

    Kirk HadleyPrije 5 dana

    That’s bullshit Jon lost big time

  38. SteelersNation 1

    SteelersNation 1Prije 3 dana

    Who's hand was raised at the end of the fight?

  39. Hunter Kendall

    Hunter KendallPrije 5 dana

    Bro 2 judges scored it 48-47

  40. Hunter Kendall

    Hunter KendallPrije 5 dana

    Almost all of these comments are nothing but people hating other’s success and getting jealous. People do the same shit to Brady, Jordan and lebron

  41. K Star

    K StarPrije 5 dana

    Granite Chin Gustafsson

  42. M E

    M EPrije 5 dana

    Thats bullshit. He lost all day. Guss ran circles around him

  43. Rich Cecere

    Rich CecerePrije 5 dana

    Jones lost that fight

  44. Petar Knezevic

    Petar KnezevicPrije 5 dana

    Gustafsson is the winner for me what a fight 👏

  45. Due Diligence

    Due DiligencePrije 5 dana

    No respect for Jon Jones. Drug cheat. Shouldn't get into the Hall of Fame

  46. Jet OfficialMartian

    Jet OfficialMartianPrije 6 dana

    Gus did a Great Job On Staying Active for 2 Rounds it was actually Electric!!! JON JONES WON 3rd 4th & 5th Jon Jones Neva showed signs of Being in True Danger!!! His Leg Kicks Changed The Pace N His Elbows Almost Put Gus Away!!! GUS HE GOT SAVED IN DA 4th ROUND BY THE BELL ENTERING CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS AND SHOWED MAJOR EXHAUSTION IN 5TH BARELY HANGING!!! Great Challenger ran out of Gas ...

  47. Jordan S.

    Jordan S.Prije 6 dana

    3-2 Gustafson no question. Jones always lose-wins

  48. Tanner Boyle

    Tanner BoylePrije 6 dana

    There’s no way Jones won that !!!! UFC judges are sad AF !!!

  49. Dylan Cummings

    Dylan CummingsPrije 6 dana

    if you're an mma fan theres 0 chance you watch this fight and think jones won. If you are an mma fan and think jones won find another sport to be a fan of because you are simply wrong

  50. SteelersNation 1

    SteelersNation 1Prije 3 dana

    Someone who brings up a fight from 2013 to complain about robbery to try and take another mans greatness away is weak asf

  51. M Martinez

    M MartinezPrije 6 dana

    Bones won rds 1,4, and 5 it was a really good fight but I don’t see how everyone thinks Gustaffson dominated 🤔

  52. SteelersNation 1

    SteelersNation 1Prije 3 dana

    Exactly how i see it

  53. Aaron Kassander

    Aaron KassanderPrije 6 dana

    How does a judge have that fight 4 rounds Jones to one Gustafson? He must’ve been smoking dust..WTF? Hell naw. I had three rounds Gust to two Jones all day I’m sorry but Jones lost this fight and Dana White knows it.

  54. grimm jow

    grimm jowPrije 6 dana

    3-2 gus is what it should have been

  55. grimm jow

    grimm jowPrije 6 dana

    Jones lost this fight

  56. grimm jow

    grimm jowPrije 6 dana

    I don't miss mike goldberg lol

  57. Jeremy Figueira

    Jeremy FigueiraPrije 7 dana

    The 49-46 scorecard on some crack but Jon seemed a little better in 3 to me. Classic fight.

  58. james gosse

    james gossePrije 7 dana

    I scored it a draw

  59. Andrew Young

    Andrew YoungPrije 7 dana

    This is the fight that made me realize that Jon Jones was the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

  60. nxlxn

    nxlxnPrije 7 dana

    Jon didn't win this fight. Simple as that. It was close, but he didn't win. Not by that margin.

  61. John S

    John SPrije 7 dana

    What a robbery. I’m watching this for the first time in 2021... that was a joke of a decision

  62. Damar Fadlan

    Damar FadlanPrije 7 dana

    This fight between Jones vs Gustafsson 1 is EPIC FIRE🔥🔥

  63. MrCharlietoma

    MrCharlietomaPrije 7 dana

    Ive just witnessed a robbery

  64. K T

    K TPrije 7 dana

    You can clearly tell Jones was partying way to much before this fight

  65. Peter Muruako

    Peter MuruakoPrije 7 dana

    One could argue that Gus only won the first round. The rest all Jones

  66. Scuba steve

    Scuba stevePrije 7 dana

    Fk jones.. I wanna see him get his ass beat

  67. Daizie Deurloo

    Daizie DeurlooPrije 7 dana

    wwe raw

  68. David Echols

    David EcholsPrije 7 dana

    Alexander won that, This was rigged.lmaos

  69. oldmansingin love

    oldmansingin lovePrije 7 dana

    imagine gustafson sparring well with khamzat, and git kicked and punched like a heavyweight... i dont think any light middleweight would be threatened by khamzat

  70. NachoPop

    NachoPopPrije 8 dana

    jon prolly gave the judges some free coco I guess :D

  71. WithWingsLike TheNumber9

    WithWingsLike TheNumber9Prije 8 dana

    Gufs was circling to that one side of Jones were to push forward line up the overhand right I think that was his shot. Like Stephan struve vs Derrick Lewis with his sweaty balls


    IAM THEPAPIPrije 8 dana

    How did Gustafson not win that fight? Lol he won 4 possibly 5 rounds lol.

  73. SteelersNation 1

    SteelersNation 1Prije 3 dana

    Watch the Rematch Gus gets taken out in 3 rounds lmao


    IAM THEPAPIPrije 5 dana

    @Not Creative But it wasn't close and Jon's dark-skin plays to his benefit and I don't mean to sound racist at all it's just true.. If Jones were a white person in this fight his face would have been beat down (it was beatdown you just couldn't tell some folks couldn't tell but I could) and Gustafson would have won this fight... I know how that sounds at first but Jon Jones face in this fight was trashed bro... Gustafson stuffed 10 of 11 takedowns I think and Gustafson got Jon down on the mat Gustafson took John down and that's the first time anyone had ever done that... Nobody has beat up on Jon Jones like that ever since besides Dominick Cruz and it wasn't nothing like this.. Gustafson 100% deserve the belt that night he won it fair and square he should have been the champion. when you have a performance like that and you beat someone at that high caliber like he did and you don't get credit for it let me tell you brother it messes with your career. Gustafson should have been on the top and he should have worked harder and harder to stay there but instead he got screwed and he felt like working hard did not pay off anymore because that's how you feel when stuff like this happens.. one fighter should have lost his belt and went the other way and the other one should have went to the top but it didn't happen like that..

  75. Not Creative

    Not CreativePrije 6 dana

    @IAM THEPAPI Yeah he probarly won 3-2 but Gus never won the last two rounds man. And the 2nd or 3rd round can be given to Jon because it was pretty close. I’m not sayin Jon won but it was very close you are delusional if you don’t think that.


    IAM THEPAPIPrije 7 dana

    @Not Creative took him down which nobody has ever done. Gustafson stuffed 10 out of 11 takedowns. He definitely won the first three I guess the last you were questionable but doesn't that mean Gustafson won theI guess the last you were questionable but doesn't that mean Gustafson won the fight? I understand you got to take the champion out to get the Bell you can't let it go to the decision but that's BS Gustafson won the belt. Jon knew it.


    IAM THEPAPIPrije 7 dana

    @Not Creative nothing in this fight was clearly John... He got battered and beaten for five rounds...

  78. Ben Werner

    Ben WernerPrije 8 dana

    Gustafsson landed more blows and danced around more, but Jon s strikes did more damage, if you watch without the sound of the crowd and the exaggerating commentary, by the last two rounds jones is starting to beat the challenger down. Those head kicks and those leg kicks were seriously starting to take a toll on Gustafsson

  79. Ben Werner

    Ben WernerPrije 8 dana

    Just my opinion

  80. Ben Werner

    Ben WernerPrije 8 dana

    If this fight had went 6 rounds, jones would have knocked him out

  81. Ki Moss

    Ki MossPrije 8 dana

    Greatest fight Ever

  82. KasH DynaMighty

    KasH DynaMightyPrije 8 dana

    Jones won this fight close fight but clearly jon had the volume and cardio advantage I like how everyone is ignoring jon almost kicking gus head off here and those elbows were brutal And the rematch proved whose better give my Mans Bones Jones his credit he the truth

  83. Ctyler93

    Ctyler93Prije 8 dana

    Gus won this fight


    UFC GAMESPrije 8 dana


  85. Cody Hall

    Cody HallPrije 8 dana

    Damn, Jon Jones really lost this fight....

  86. Sho Gun

    Sho GunPrije 8 dana

    So many angry people lol

  87. lary goldmen

    lary goldmenPrije 8 dana

    Gus got robbed. And I like jon but it was clearly Alexander's fight.


    IMM BRICKPrije 8 dana

    But who won the second fight though


    SHUBHAM DWIVEDIPrije 8 dana

    2nd fight nothin like 1st one, Jones figured him out after tat fight n finished him..

  90. stewart champion

    stewart championPrije 9 dana

    No way...should have been a draw .no way did jones win

  91. Aj Green

    Aj GreenPrije 9 dana

    No way that was a 3-0 judge scorecard... he won but by split hands down

  92. Ronnie Mack

    Ronnie MackPrije 9 dana

    Jones first loss even while on steroids .. I don’t need anyone’s opinion I seen it live.

  93. Austy Pebbles

    Austy PebblesPrije 9 dana

    The camera flashes look so sick its like stars

  94. Adolfo Andrade Chavez

    Adolfo Andrade ChavezPrije 9 dana

    Gustafson fucked him up

  95. Keith Joyner

    Keith JoynerPrije 9 dana

    racist announcers- again....

  96. Leo Nardo

    Leo NardoPrije 9 dana

    Jon Jones gets taken down > 5 seconds later Alexander get's eye poked.. hmmm...

  97. Abokri tidakaaak Prb

    Abokri tidakaaak PrbPrije 9 dana

    Yes sir

  98. umar sharif

    umar sharifPrije 9 dana

    What the hell is wrong with judges

  99. Maebh Oconnor

    Maebh OconnorPrije 9 dana

    What a joke. Best fight I've ever seen but not a chance Jones won that. It's results like this that make that make these fights totally pointless.

  100. DaQuan Branch

    DaQuan BranchPrije 9 dana

    Gus won this fight

  101. Shiyee Jackson

    Shiyee JacksonPrije 9 dana

    A fantastic performance from both fighters!

  102. Haniff Yamin

    Haniff YaminPrije 10 dana

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  103. Avinav Krishna

    Avinav KrishnaPrije 10 dana

    I have always seen people vehemently arguing that Jon's victory was a daylight robbery. But I think it's more to do with people either wishing for Gustafsson's victory or to just watch Jon go down. In my opinion Jon had round 2, 4, 5 while Gus had round 1. Round 3 was too close for me to call with surety. So 48-47 in favour of Jon was reasonable, and I can even understand why one judge gave 49-46, because it was Jon who kept the pressure up throughout the fight.

  104. Avinav Krishna

    Avinav KrishnaPrije 3 dana

    @SteelersNation 1 I had round 1 for Gustafsson because of the takedown and that though Jon out struck Gus, it wasn't significant enough to nullify Alex's strikes+takedown.

  105. SteelersNation 1

    SteelersNation 1Prije 3 dana

    I agree with everything that you said the only thing is that i think JJ won round 1 4 and 5

  106. Eliko Sim

    Eliko SimPrije 10 dana

    Bullshit. Gust definitely took this one

  107. John Hartley

    John HartleyPrije 10 dana

    Jones lost this fight!!!

  108. Weeb banana

    Weeb bananaPrije 10 dana

    Man this is rigged, im late but i saw this in a shorts many ppl saying its a good fight. I give alex 2/3 of the first 3 rounds easy. jones got the championship rounds, it couldve been good if it's a split decision but damn 49-46? wtf was that

  109. Count dooku

    Count dookuPrije 10 dana

    26:33 perfect eye poke attempt

  110. Paul Holt

    Paul HoltPrije 10 dana

    Jones got his ass whooped