Every Heavyweight Champion in UFC History

As of August, 2020, there have been 18 different men that have held UFC heavyweight gold. Mark Coleman became the first heavyweight champ back at UFC 12 in 1997 when he defeated Dan Severn in Dothan, Alabama. The two most recent champions, Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier meet for their trilogy fight at UFC 252.

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  1. Lavelle Cloyd

    Lavelle CloydPrije dan

    Does it not seem like they all move/punch kind of slow?

  2. Ren

    RenPrije dan

    8:13 Broc gives me "Final Boss" vibes

  3. Tunggul Sujarwo, B.Arch, MBA

    Tunggul Sujarwo, B.Arch, MBAPrije 2 dana

    Another ads that cannot be skiped and I wont spent my data for it. Sorry for left before even start this video.

  4. Baserad

    BaseradPrije 2 dana


  5. Ronin

    RoninPrije 3 dana

    Johnny "Bones" Jones is the best if he can stay out of trouble. His battles outside the ring are worse than his fights.

  6. Sweet E

    Sweet EPrije 4 dana

    I wish Brock would come back to this

  7. Luceat Lux

    Luceat LuxPrije 7 dana

    my fav ufc video

  8. TheCynicalB

    TheCynicalBPrije 7 dana

    Some of this shit looks so fixed.

  9. Debbie Brown

    Debbie BrownPrije 7 dana

    Holy shit Carwin like completely mauled Frank Mir!😮

  10. Quân Nguyễn

    Quân NguyễnPrije 8 dana

    Stipe Miocic

  11. Martin O

    Martin OPrije 8 dana

    do every pride champion you cowards

  12. Kaedan McCarthy

    Kaedan McCarthyPrije 8 dana

    1:24 was that a werewolf ?

  13. paul paul

    paul paulPrije 9 dana

    I hate frank mir for breaking arms.

  14. Dulu

    DuluPrije 11 dana

    Randleman got robbed. RIP. No disrespect to Bas though!

  15. Mc Estler

    Mc EstlerPrije 12 dana

    Every Champ is the best at his prime .

  16. Charlie From Starkville, Mississippi

    Charlie From Starkville, MississippiPrije 12 dana

    Nobody likes Tim Sylvia. Thank you Ray Merced, for closing that book.

  17. Мурад Багиров

    Мурад БагировPrije 12 dana

    Ну, и где тут ваш Тактаров ?

  18. Alex Lalchhuansanga

    Alex LalchhuansangaPrije 12 dana

    Hats off to brock lesner 3 time champion... from wwe to ufc 😂

  19. Soof Anderson

    Soof AndersonPrije 13 dana

    I sit here in the sun... with chills. awesome highlights.

  20. Schaden Christopher

    Schaden ChristopherPrije 13 dana

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  21. II Sixx

    II SixxPrije 14 dana

    So it shows brocks defences but no One els 😂 what a joke

  22. Jon Brunson

    Jon BrunsonPrije 14 dana

    Why did bruce buffer’s voice sound so high pitched

  23. Brian D

    Brian DPrije 15 dana

    Anyone know what kind of choke that first one was?!??

  24. King Pickle

    King PicklePrije 12 dana

    Looks like a neck crank

  25. Tracy Reynolds

    Tracy ReynoldsPrije 15 dana

    The cuddly angle suddenly glow because change intrahepatically fear during a billowy visitor. godly, troubled active

  26. MR. ALL THE WAY 89

    MR. ALL THE WAY 89Prije 15 dana

    Just to think UFC was bare knuckles at first. Crazy 😂

  27. Dirty South Bushcraft and MMA

    Dirty South Bushcraft and MMAPrije 16 dana

    Randy was such an animal.

  28. maharty leftiky

    maharty leftikyPrije 16 dana

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  29. Zachari maureenp

    Zachari maureenpPrije 16 dana

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  30. Paid'nGames

    Paid'nGamesPrije 16 dana

    damn the first one colman straight roided that one out lol

  31. Paid'nGames

    Paid'nGamesPrije 16 dana

    watching werdum get hit by stipe back peddling is the best!

  32. Ethan Zwirn

    Ethan ZwirnPrije 16 dana

    Why isn't everyone as heavy as Lesner? Like, why do you have these guys weighing 210-240 fighting in the 265 and under division? You'd think everyone would be 260-265

  33. Яд Над головой

    Яд Над головойPrije 16 dana

    Комментатор орет - новый чемпион мира! Но какого мира? это лишь юфсишные бойцы по большой части клоуны. У них даже не было прям превосходящего чемпиона, все падали с рандомной тычки.

  34. Дмитрий Дыгун

    Дмитрий ДыгунPrije 16 dana

    На одном дыхании..

  35. Billy Fee

    Billy FeePrije 16 dana

    1:25 Oh Bruce 😭

  36. Be honest with yourself

    Be honest with yourselfPrije 17 dana

    Sea level Cain, Anderson silva, really looked at one point as unbeatable but suddenly they just switched off

  37. rumglas

    rumglasPrije 17 dana

    Where is the superlike button??

  38. Darin Whitelock

    Darin WhitelockPrije 17 dana

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  39. Александр Жилкин

    Александр ЖилкинPrije 17 dana

    It's funny to watch people who lost to Fedor fight for the title

  40. Lodey

    LodeyPrije 17 dana

    Funny how they got progressively smaller over the years, haha.


    BLACK PROPPrije 17 dana

    They gave Sylvia and Couture way too many chances.

  42. kosonen kosonen

    kosonen kosonenPrije 17 dana

    question is now who is capable of taking out ngannnnnnooooo?

  43. Bambus Björn

    Bambus BjörnPrije 17 dana

    Holy shit.. heavyweights fighting without gloves is nuts

  44. maharty leftiky

    maharty leftikyPrije 17 dana

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  45. Raees Salie

    Raees SaliePrije 18 dana

    Randy's hairline died for our sins💉💊

  46. Санёк Юрич

    Санёк ЮричPrije 18 dana

    А Джон Джонсон где?

  47. Damar Fadlan

    Damar FadlanPrije 18 dana

    Bruce Buffer has been evolving a lot.

  48. Jonathan

    JonathanPrije 18 dana

    Lol Arlovski with hair

  49. Абылайхан Шакизинов

    Абылайхан ШакизиновPrije 18 dana

    Tim Sylvia again and again

  50. what ever

    what everPrije 18 dana

    10:35 Brock looks a bit intimidated by Cain

  51. Clifford Harrington

    Clifford HarringtonPrije 18 dana

    Unbelievable how bad the skill level was back in the day, modern fighters would obliterate those fighters easily.

  52. JSarge4999

    JSarge4999Prije 19 dana

    some of these stoppages are fucking abhorrent

  53. Ким Коваль (KOVKASARNYcomua)

    Ким Коваль (KOVKASARNYcomua)Prije 19 dana

    перезалить видео надо!!!!! Сейчас пришло время Нганну!!!!

  54. Toni Cipriani

    Toni CiprianiPrije 19 dana

    And now we have the monster of the monsters as a champion.

  55. Kindsaza DK

    Kindsaza DKPrije 19 dana

    Love these videos! Great stuff.

  56. Kent Mathew Gonzaga

    Kent Mathew GonzagaPrije 19 dana

    1:25 randy cotoOoOoOurreee

  57. Xavier

    XavierPrije 20 dana

    Now it's Francis Nganou !

  58. Oblivion

    OblivionPrije 20 dana


  59. Yuri tarded

    Yuri tardedPrije 19 dana

    Not ufc

  60. W H

    W HPrije 21 dan

    Early days clearly juiced to hell.

  61. kun xaii

    kun xaiiPrije 21 dan

    The numerous beech basically change because nurse rhetorically command circa a jolly good-bye. flat, sick pressure

  62. CYB3R2K30

    CYB3R2K30Prije 21 dan

    11:45 Jesus, clean that mat first. Did somebody got ripped apart there before?

  63. Slop Dog

    Slop DogPrije 21 dan

    13:07 Werdum like "are you fuckin serious" lmao

  64. ravejjj

    ravejjjPrije 21 dan

    wtf was the ref thinking at 9:58

  65. sumkaqa gurenqom

    sumkaqa gurenqomPrije 22 dana

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    MEPSEDESPrije 22 dana

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  67. Lynne Lee

    Lynne LeePrije 22 dana

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  68. Baleed Ali

    Baleed AliPrije 23 dana

    Yes. Dana said no. The octagon said yes.

  69. Leonard Reyes

    Leonard ReyesPrije 23 dana

    Soon it will be Jon jones

  70. Top Talent Promotions BandStart UK

    Top Talent Promotions BandStart UKPrije 23 dana

    and then cam Francis lol

  71. Jay Ro

    Jay RoPrije 23 dana

    This video confirms Joe Rogan doesn't know what he's talking about.....or who.

  72. weightless

    weightlessPrije 23 dana

    Many Fedor Victims

  73. 👑 Wade Buys 💰

    👑 Wade Buys 💰Prije 23 dana

    Crazy Arlavski still fighting‼️ I think I saw him fight nganou like 2 years ago.

  74. Engine Upkeep

    Engine UpkeepPrije 23 dana

    Do yourself a favor and watch at 12:39 the double “nice knee” had me dying

  75. Terry Eagle

    Terry EaglePrije 23 dana

    Randy in pants fucking people up

  76. SURF EpicFilms

    SURF EpicFilmsPrije 23 dana


  77. Smith89123

    Smith89123Prije 24 dana

    Stipe is without a doubt the current UFC HW Goat for me, his resume is elite.

  78. The Majestic

    The MajesticPrije 22 dana

    He cannot compete with Big well rounded fighters . He would never beat Francis again . Francis, Derrick Lewis, Jon Jones, Gane, and Blaydes will all beat Stipe badly . There is a reason why he avoided these top guys for years . After seeing Ngannou destroy him , now I understand why he ran from those other fighters

  79. maharty leftiky

    maharty leftikyPrije 24 dana

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  80. Nubby ナビー

    Nubby ナビーPrije 24 dana

    Requis should be in this video

  81. raam172

    raam172Prije 24 dana

    12:39 "Nice knee" "Nice Knee"

  82. Winston Zendejas

    Winston ZendejasPrije 24 dana

    SPOILER ALERT!!!! Tim Silvia got fucked up by everybody.

  83. Solomon Lazard

    Solomon LazardPrije 24 dana


  84. Šmrkulja

    ŠmrkuljaPrije 25 dana

    13:06 werdum looks so happy while he's opponent looks like he is crying blood tears

  85. Jake skates

    Jake skatesPrije 25 dana

    now include francis and stipe fight!

  86. saidul6nayem suraya mim

    saidul6nayem suraya mimPrije 25 dana

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  87. TROICA

    TROICAPrije 25 dana


  88. haban

    habanPrije 25 dana

    Joe"unbelievable" Roegan

  89. Eddy Rdz

    Eddy RdzPrije 25 dana

    randy is a fucking badass

  90. J040PL7

    J040PL7Prije 25 dana

    they were allowed to wear shoes back in the days?

  91. BMVik

    BMVikPrije 25 dana

    Crazy how ngannou killed dos antos and Velazquez like they were a piece of cake

  92. Сергей Синягин

    Сергей СинягинPrije 26 dana

    3:27 selling battle. weak blows.

  93. Made With Real 100% Beef Cheese

    Made With Real 100% Beef CheesePrije 26 dana

    So many f kos

  94. Calvin Canty

    Calvin CantyPrije 26 dana

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  95. lucas Brazy

    lucas BrazyPrije 26 dana

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  96. ASMR Critique

    ASMR CritiquePrije 26 dana

    You left off Ngannou

  97. Zoran Karaklajic

    Zoran KaraklajicPrije 27 dana


  98. Radzish Buslmari

    Radzish BuslmariPrije 27 dana

    Jesus.. the amount of steroids injected at the start of ufc is insane :D

  99. Shane

    ShanePrije 27 dana

    UFC in 20-30 years would be playing touch butt for real.

  100. Jani

    JaniPrije 27 dana

    and now ngannou

  101. Ettienne van Staden

    Ettienne van StadenPrije 28 dana

    I wonder who is the UFC world heavyweight champ of steroids, Kevin Randleman or Brock Lesnar? But yeah Brock probably wins that one hands down.

  102. CallDwn theSky

    CallDwn theSkyPrije 28 dana

    UNDISPUTED HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!! man if i had 5 dollars for every time that was screamed into my ear

  103. Mike G

    Mike GPrije 28 dana

    The lighting was terrible in the old days

  104. Jadon Mercado

    Jadon MercadoPrije 28 dana

    These referees are terrible bro. Letting them get killed 🤦🏽‍♂️