Best Finishes From UFC Vegas 19 Fighters

Watch a collection of exciting knockouts and submissions from fighters competing on Saturday's UFC Vegas 19: Blaydes vs Lewis card.
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  1. Joel Pretz

    Joel PretzPrije 3 dana

    Come on!! First and the same fight again on the third or fourth. The judges where sleeping that fighter could of got really injured. Wake up judge!!!

  2. Dave Lloyd

    Dave LloydPrije 4 dana

    1:25 that’s just not his nickname tho is it Dom Cruz...

  3. sir gregor

    sir gregorPrije 4 dana

    The first one was dangerously late stoppage.

  4. harpersneil

    harpersneilPrije 4 dana

    ANOTHER hopelessly late stoppage from Herb Dean!

  5. New Age Cinematics

    New Age CinematicsPrije 4 dana

    skelly said i wanna be home for dinner tonight, got no time for this 😂

  6. Dee Ray

    Dee RayPrije 6 dana

    Skelly finish so nice they showed it twice aha

  7. Grampa Billy

    Grampa BillyPrije 7 dana

    I don't watch this stuff.

  8. Ms. Pratt

    Ms. PrattPrije 7 dana

    OMFG 😮 Lewis cracked that dude!

  9. Fenrir Alucard

    Fenrir AlucardPrije 7 dana

    F****** herb took his sweet ass time on that choke

  10. Sicnarf Anilom

    Sicnarf AnilomPrije 7 dana

    All remember from Wineland was how Barao demolished him quick

  11. MMA RoundTable

    MMA RoundTablePrije 7 dana

    Dc was on super point saying for jds not to start w the" lead uppercut" , curtis did level change a bit but more threw the perfect" counter" for the opposing punch at the right "time ".

  12. Michael Moutzouris

    Michael MoutzourisPrije 7 dana

    damn malkoun went out cold right in front of one of the ring girls and she freaked out lmao

  13. Yohannes Aklog

    Yohannes AklogPrije 7 dana

    I only know connor mcreagor because i always play as him in ufc 3 and 4 and heard that he is one of the best ufc fighters

  14. Richard Vowler

    Richard VowlerPrije 7 dana

    That first finish tho 😂

  15. Krishna Kumara

    Krishna KumaraPrije 7 dana

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  16. Holy Homie 420

    Holy Homie 420Prije 8 dana

    kabooom 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  17. Slayer Dzns

    Slayer DznsPrije 8 dana

    0:40 Look At His Stomach 😳

  18. Clint Eastwood

    Clint EastwoodPrije 8 dana

    Derick probably had some of the heaviest nasty ground and pound underated

  19. Marvin Heemeyer

    Marvin HeemeyerPrije 8 dana


  20. Mo H

    Mo HPrije 8 dana

    First minute in and I see late stoppages! Refs need to do better!

  21. Nada S

    Nada SPrije 8 dana

    03:32 Bisping: "Dos Anjos is hurt" :)))

  22. Bob Saget

    Bob SagetPrije 8 dana

    He might get out of this Maurice is gonna get out of this Taps

  23. Roy Breaky


  24. Benjamin Dalhoff

    Benjamin DalhoffPrije 8 dana

    Usman vs Steven Wonderboy Thompson

  25. Benjamin Dalhoff

    Benjamin DalhoffPrije 8 dana

    Usman vs Steven Wonderboy Thompson

  26. Benjamin Dalhoff

    Benjamin DalhoffPrije 8 dana

    Usman vs Steven Wonderboy ThompsonUsman vs Steven Wonderboy Thompson

  27. Benjamin Dalhoff

    Benjamin DalhoffPrije 8 dana

    Usman vs Steven Wonderboy Thompson

  28. el houcine mensouri

    el houcine mensouriPrije 8 dana

  29. Swan 1000

    Swan 1000Prije 8 dana

    Nobody is talking about that Phil Hawes KO.That was scary.

  30. jmeno prijmeni

    jmeno prijmeniPrije 8 dana

    0:56 СУПЕР !!!

  31. Michał Michał

    Michał MichałPrije 8 dana


  32. timephire

    timephirePrije 8 dana

    Mark Goddard; "Get out of there!" Me; "He's trying, just all those blows are getting in the way Mark." ;o)

  33. KieferClarkF1

    KieferClarkF1Prije 8 dana

    Lol Dana looking at the monitor when it's happening right in front of him.

  34. Billie Lachatte

    Billie LachattePrije 7 dana

    He's also checking d event in televised format.

  35. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel GonzalezPrije 8 dana

    Who is this Skelly and why haven't I heard of him till now? That dude is slick with it.

  36. Tyro Cyr

    Tyro CyrPrije 8 dana

    Lessss go 🔥

  37. zekeriya usta

    zekeriya ustaPrije 8 dana

    çocuğunu getirmiş manyak karı

  38. Reginaldo Farias

    Reginaldo FariasPrije 8 dana

    destruiuu k

  39. tsenkito

    tsenkitoPrije 8 dana

    How is chimaev doing ? Anyone got news?

  40. Matt Boone

    Matt BoonePrije 8 dana


  41. music and thangz

    music and thangzPrije 8 dana

    Volkov and Lewis need to run it back. .

  42. Business Cat Inc.

    Business Cat Inc.Prije 8 dana

    Holy crap, that first one was badass

  43. Jalen WALKER

    Jalen WALKERPrije 8 dana

    UFC- Ultimate Fighting Championship i love watching your HRcharts videos I’m a huge fan

  44. Max The Goat

    Max The GoatPrije 8 dana

    Skelly finish was funny

  45. mmadigest

    mmadigestPrije 8 dana

    He had things to do, wanted to finish FAST

  46. Stephen P Maduveko

    Stephen P MaduvekoPrije 8 dana

    Many late stoppages in this compilation

  47. IH8YH

    IH8YHPrije 8 dana

    Skelly so impressive they put him in twice

  48. Hosea Matthews

    Hosea MatthewsPrije 8 dana

    "This is SPARTA" - Chas skelly

  49. Pat Nels

    Pat NelsPrije 8 dana

    Daukaus is wild. I love seeing heavyweights with fast hands.

  50. GGMattt_

    GGMattt_Prije 8 dana

    Hooooooooly.... :O UFC is awesome!

  51. greeniREZ

    greeniREZPrije 8 dana

    Why is Dom over here calling Volkov "The Skyscraper"? Isn't he Drago?

  52. BlueVader4323

    BlueVader4323Prije 8 dana

    How is that Skelly fight not shown in every UFC compilation? If I saw that in a movie I'd be like "yeah right".

  53. mmadigest

    mmadigestPrije 8 dana

    Definitely looks like a fake movie scene.

  54. Ho Lee Fok

    Ho Lee FokPrije 8 dana


  55. José Flores

    José FloresPrije 8 dana

    Chas Skelly got a text from his girlfriend that she was home alone

  56. Sérgio Damásio

    Sérgio DamásioPrije 7 dana


  57. Alex Syiem

    Alex SyiemPrije 7 dana


  58. Fill Werrell

    Fill WerrellPrije 8 dana


  59. Tarun Bains

    Tarun BainsPrije 8 dana

    Daukaus and Aspinall I can't wait to see. Both exciting HWs, facing tough vets like Arlovski and Oleneik.

  60. Maybe, maybe not.

    Maybe, maybe not.Prije 8 dana

    Watching the first sequence at 0.25 speed, I realised that it would only take a trained fighter about 15-20 seconds to kill another person. Fucking terrifying.

  61. Ryan Jennens

    Ryan JennensPrije 8 dana

    Daukaus has got some hands!

  62. brian triplett

    brian triplettPrije 8 dana

    no highlight can boost weindland at this point

  63. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin RichardPrije 8 dana


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    Вася РибацюкPrije 8 dana

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  65. Вася Рибацюк

    Вася РибацюкPrije 8 dana

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  66. Вася Рибацюк

    Вася РибацюкPrije 8 dana

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  67. Вася Рибацюк

    Вася РибацюкPrije 8 dana

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  68. Вася Рибацюк

    Вася РибацюкPrije 8 dana

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    Вася РибацюкPrije 8 dana

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  70. Cry Erciaa

    Cry ErciaaPrije 8 dana

    Okay But can you give Ryan Hall a fight now? Excuse me mr.UFC

  71. Kin García

    Kin GarcíaPrije 8 dana

    4:44 watch the octagon girl reacting that nasty ko

  72. DaZ DollaZ

    DaZ DollaZPrije 7 dana

    Lol cute

  73. Ботя

    БотяPrije 8 dana

    2:16 :D

  74. wes dryden

    wes drydenPrije 8 dana

    Skellys finish was so nice they showed it twice

  75. misclic 2

    misclic 2Prije 8 dana

    hawes look promisin

  76. KoKo FitFaded

    KoKo FitFadedPrije 8 dana

    Vegas baby 💥

  77. Alex's Music

    Alex's MusicPrije 9 dana

  78. T95 Cuyop

    T95 CuyopPrije 9 dana

    Dominic Cruz can't even tell Volkov from Struve😅😅😂😂

  79. Nayem Rahman

    Nayem RahmanPrije 9 dana

    0:59 Joe rogan XD

  80. Ammar

    AmmarPrije 9 dana

    4:45 the ring girls reaction in the back😂😂

  81. Mangotango TF

    Mangotango TFPrije 9 dana

    Some of the fights are speed up

  82. dan j9nes

    dan j9nesPrije 9 dana

    Skelly had the guy asleep for a good 4 seconds before the ref even moved

  83. Odell Biden Jr.

    Odell Biden Jr.Prije 9 dana

    Volkov got so much bigger since that fight against Lewis

  84. Kari Tammi

    Kari TammiPrije 9 dana

    Skelly finishing showed twice

  85. The兎人参化

    The兎人参化Prije 9 dana

    Wouaaa😆🤷🏻‍♂️ ( 2:14 )

  86. Jesse Tracey

    Jesse TraceyPrije 9 dana

    don’t understand why they wouldn’t put the blades-overeem finish instead he had alistair’s head explode with blood

  87. Eddie Solo

    Eddie SoloPrije 9 dana

    This whole episode is SICK!

  88. Akio Candano

    Akio CandanoPrije 9 dana


  89. fatbaldguy

    fatbaldguyPrije 9 dana

    Lmao the opening of this video had me rolling bro

  90. bryan rojas XO

    bryan rojas XOPrije 9 dana

    Holy fuck JDS needs to just stop, he’s done.

  91. Hib Hart

    Hib HartPrije 9 dana

    Michael Bisping : Dos Anjos is hurt!

  92. bonke kunene

    bonke kunenePrije 9 dana

    Damn Curtis blaydes daughter looks EXACTLY like him

  93. bonke kunene

    bonke kunenePrije 8 dana

    @TheEnderBand 😂😂😂

  94. TheEnderBand

    TheEnderBandPrije 9 dana

    Poor girl

  95. Hiroshi Poole

    Hiroshi PoolePrije 9 dana

    Man Nacimento can do better I know!

  96. Jay Dee

    Jay DeePrije 9 dana

    The ring girl in that last clip 😂

  97. Dana White

    Dana WhitePrije 9 dana

    These commentators need to get their shit together and stop yelling over each other when there's a finish.

  98. Sarcastic Genius

    Sarcastic GeniusPrije 9 dana

    Chas Skelly fought like he parked his car in a 15 min parking spot.

  99. Jaime Mascarado

    Jaime MascaradoPrije 9 dana 7

  100. Rick Gutierrez

    Rick GutierrezPrije 9 dana

    The clip so nice they played it twice!

  101. Jango SAV & DJ Dubsak

    Jango SAV & DJ DubsakPrije 9 dana

    Dos Santos needs to change up his style, but he’s too old school and will not change shit. These newer fighters out now are different. More takedowns/ more leg kicks in the game now...

  102. J A

    J APrije 9 dana

    *I miss Brian Stan as a fighter/commentator.*

  103. Austin Salada

    Austin SaladaPrije 9 dana

    Let's get wonderboy a title shot

  104. Kacper Łabuz

    Kacper ŁabuzPrije 9 dana


  105. Sergiotanaz

    SergiotanazPrije 9 dana

    Skelly a bjj magician

  106. Michael Chen

    Michael ChenPrije 9 dana

    What's up with the terrible stock music??

  107. Avolo Services

    Avolo ServicesPrije 9 dana

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  108. McTapper

    McTapperPrije 9 dana

    good to see chas coming back

  109. K U R_TV

    K U R_TVPrije 9 dana

  110. Dylan

    DylanPrije 9 dana

    skelly so good they showed it twice

  111. Jaime Mascarado

    Jaime MascaradoPrije 9 dana 7